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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Situation Summary,

Today is Jerusalem Day.

One more day we cry along with Rachel whose favorite son,
Rabbi Nachman has still not returned.

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returns from China with yet another Peace Initiative that does not mention bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, no one is fooled.
Not even a hint of Peace is on the horizon!

What do 1967 borders have to do with Peace?  Was 1967 a Peaceful year?
The result of the six day war was a period of Peace thanks to the 1967 borders.

Giving back land since then has only lead to aggravated terrorism, the more land given back, the more terror.  What we need seems to be all out WAR until Rabbi Nachman is returned to Jerusalem.  War can take on many forms, for example: Cold War, Ecological War, Nuclear War,
Biological War, Conventional and non-conventional War.

As Jews we are used to being blamed for all the SINS of mankind, we know we won't escape being
scapegoated by the very criminals perpetuating the crimes.  What if we played by their rules for a change?  Don't worry, we will never stoop to that.

Since the situation is clear as broad daylight, the solution should be easy enough to grasp for everyone.  The difference between victory and defeat on the field is what the situation is around the people holding the flag.  Guerrilla and criminal activities have that feature, that the leadership is unknown.  Harder to defeat, but they cannot win except by attrition (wearing down the opponent).

What these tactics are: simply to be blood suckers.

Judaism needs to pick up the flag and expect victory now that we have Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is the headquarters, and to the headquarters we need to bring the General that can lead us to victory, his name is Rabbi Nachman.  This general is so wise, that by bringing him to Jerusalem he will be victorious like King Solomon without a bullet being fired.

To understand this, one needs to understand how the economy is really based on sexual purity and not on gold.  This can actually be proven, but requires another study.

I'll post it when I get a chance.


Anonymous said...

Stop worshiping your rabbi you put more faith in the name of na nach then in The Name of God! what you are doing is idol worship, how many times a day yall call upon na nach now how many times do you repeat and call upon God Almighty Elohim? na nach is paganism you have put your faith in a dead man and his name who wasnt a Prophet of God! thinking he can go to the depth of hell to save you but nothing and no one can save you from hell but God, a mans will cant over power the will of God rabbi nachman cant do nothing for you nor can he save you and take you from hell. Turn to God and worship Him alone without Partner and Call Upon Him not His creation! There is Only One God and nothing is worthy of Worship but Him Alone, you dont realize it but you have turn rabbi nachman into your idol and worship him and saba! you have so much faith in him you tie his name in an amulet and kiss it and wear it all the time thats idol worship you have putten your faith in an object and name,Not God Alone which is idol worship! you paint it everywhere,you wear it on your close,you cut your fingers written it with your blood...ect you are in the foot steps of satan youre following idol worship ways WORSHIP GOD ALONE! And Who better to follow then His Prophet's Peace Be upon them all and upon the last and final Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him! LET ALL COME TOGETHER AND AGREE GOD IS ONE AND NONE SHOULD BE WORSHIPED BUT GOD ALMIGHTY ALONE NOT HIS CREATION!

Anonymous said...

first of all stephen, G-d is an "it", not a "him". How dare you ascribe a form to G-d? I don't get how you could come over to a bunch of us people who live by the book, non-infidels, and disgrace our holy imam rebbeinu. Your right to be left alone to worship through the teachings of mahmood is our right to worship through the teachings of Mussah our Imam, and every incarnation he has taken since, including Rebbeinu! Go wash your mouth out, go make your wife happy! Why bother with us?