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Saturday, April 13, 2013


When people get HUNGRY, angry and sick, you get "TOUMA".  Every honest business man knows that this also works in reverse, being a playboy and rightful wealth don't mix.  Rabbi Nachman left us two related stories about wheat, as the Jewish saying goes: "No wheat, no Torah".  That being said "SABA" was able to watch his son die crying for bread (because the father had chosen Rabbi Nachman) and stick to his path of following Rabbi Nachman to ALWAYS be cheerful and happy.  Sounds crazy, but it was thanks to his perseverance, that the whole world is being saved!

1st Story: The Tainted Wheat:

A King knew that that year would produce a wheat that made everyone crazy (a new philosophy was spreading in Academia).  His advisers told him to save a stock of old wheat.  The King decided that instead he and his court would put a sign on their foreheads to remind themselves that they were insane (the whole year they would be eating that years harvest).  This needed to be done because if the the nation was crazy and they weren't the court would be in danger, since the madmen would think the court was mad (this could cause a civil war).

2ond Story:  The Songbird

A King wanted to allow his workers to receive their payment and work without taskmasters.  The boys sat around in idle chatter, feasted and slept.  The harvest was lost.  The King was upset and famine was unavoidable.  There was one solution: A certain unique and rare songbird could produce beautiful melodies that would make the King very pleased and he would pull out his own reserves of wheat and feed the workers.  The workers found the bird on top of a mountain on a tree.  They then got into a fight about who would climb on top of who in order to reach the bird.  The commotion woke the bird up and it flew away.

These two stories speak about the same thing:

The world is full of lies and we are ALL confused.  The ONLY SOLUTION is to bring Rabbi Nachman  to THE KING.  Only people who are humble enough to carry (work for) all the others can be trusted in retrieving the bird.  Life without truth is not life at all.

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