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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sleep secure in the knowledge and faith of Resurrection - from Sefer Hamidos - the AlefBetBook - Book of Traits

4. One who is unable to sleep should bring to mind faith in the Resurrection. (t.n. This could be the reason that people naturally are inclined to put their hand under their cheek when they go to sleep, because in Hebrew cheek is 'lechi' – which can be read 'lechai' – to life (also 'lechi' is the numerical value of 'haluz' - the luz bone, the only part of the body that doesn't decompose, and from this bone the body is resurrected), so by placing one's hand there, one is reminded of the resurrection and will have an easier time falling asleep. In the Breslov book, Avuhnehu Barzel, item 69, there is brought down a tradition that Rabbi Nachman never said a Torah teaching on three things, and one of them is why a person puts his hand under his cheek when going to sleep, everyone agrees however that indirectly Rabbi Nachman explains everything without exception).

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