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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's still the 8th of the Omer and no confirmation by Israel that anything is happening to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.... So I thought, "Let's say that according to Halacha the Lubavich Rebbe needs to be brought to Israel, (Kfar Habad) what is 770?."  The US Government might consider the effect this would have on certain Jewish areas in the US and do what they can to maintain their "culture".  The Rebbe of Lubavitch DID NOT WANT TO BE BROUGHT TO ISRAEL...but Halacha 363 (shass gimmel) as brought down by Rav Ovadia Josef makes it clear that we are supposed to bring the deceased even in precisely such a case...and the Rebbe knew this himself.  Will this help to bring Rabbi Nachman? You bet!  Does Rabbi Nachman want to come? You bet!

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