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Monday, April 29, 2013

If Rabbenu Doesn't Come  NOW We are ALL in Grave Danger only comparable to te US CIVIL WAR!

1820 Missouri Compromise.

Slavery is NOT defeated. Outbreak of the Civil War, the GRAY BACK to confront the GREEN BACK (confederate dollar vrs. union dollar) On the Gray Back is a picture of slaves.  Today ANYONE can have the "privilege" of being a slave of MEN.

Why 1820?

A)  YKVK is mentioned 1820 times in the torah
B) Milouy of BERESHIT is 1820
C) Milouy of ESRIM VE SHESH is 1820
D) Adonai = 65 YKVK = 26
     26 + 27 + 28 .....+ 65 = 1820
E) Bereshit 1 : 603550 Children of I.
     Bereshit 26 : 601730 Children of I.
                     = 1820 split over 6 tribes
F) Number of words about:
     Jacob = 1597
     Rachel = 107
     Lea = 116
     =   1820

G)  # Words about 12 tribe leaders:
  (sum 5 chapters) 1820

H) Hitkadashti Milouy: 1820

I) Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh YKVK Zvaot
   1230 + 26 + 65 + 499 = 1820

J) Every seventh word from creation:
    Bereshit.....Asot = 1820

K) 4 + 36 + 100 +196 + 324 + 484 + 676 = 1820

L) SOD x YKVK = 1820

M) Choach x YKVK = 1820

N) Elazar (308) + Itamar(651) =1820

O) Guershom(543) + Eliezer(318) = 1820

P) Blessing of the Cohens #1 yevarecha + yshmerecha
                                               Yaer + yechonecha
                                               Ysa + Shalom   = 1820
 Q) Blessing of the Cohens #2 Yvarecha +
                                                YKVK + Veyshmerecha
                                                Yaer + Panav
                                                Alecha + YKVK
                                                Panav + Shalom  = 1820

27 different proofs that YKVK is related to the year 1820! AND the
Missouri Compromise! Which lead to the dissintegration of the South and to the Civil WAR.


The only leader of the Generation is Na Nach here is why; and here is why we are in grave danger without him....

Zalaman Shazar 200,-   received the letters from Na Nach
Israac Ben Svi 100,-  studied the leters with Zalman, suggested preserving them
Shai Agnon 50,-  made the book EBAY HA NACHAL with Zalman Shazar
Moshe Sharet 20,- suggested the name EBAY HA NACHAL

The new proposed bills have nothing to do with the Zaddik!
Like the Grey Backs printed by the confederacy at the outbreak of the Civil War, with pictures of slaves on them this money too will be worthless very fast!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

SURPRISE SURPRISE Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

The great thing about Rabbi Nachman is that he's a complete surprise, no one saw him coming, the world saw the founding fathers; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the world saw the giving of the Torah and Moses, and later the world saw Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the Ariza"l, and the Baal Shem Tov, and the world thought - that's it -- there's nothing new until the coming of the Messiah. Messiah, Messiah, Messiah, the world had despaired, they said, that's it, settle down, follow what-ever rabbi you have and hold on till the coming of the Messiah. So H"Y says: SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!! Enter Rabbi Nachman, he's a complete surprise - and he is ever effusing with novelties - as he said of himself that he's a complete novelty. See, the Holy One Blessed He so to speak also likes fun, and He also doesn't like goody-goodies. There are holy people that are busy trying to look good - even when this is to look good in the eyes of Heaven - that's called a goody-goody, and the general rule is that the Kingdom of Heaven is similar to that of earth, and just like here there is something very unbecoming of this mannerism, so too we can say that the Holy One Blessed He is not very taken by such behaviour. But surprises, full of fresh novelty -- that is extremely valuable in the eyes of G-d and man. Nanach is so to speak G-d's ace, G-d's trump card, something He had up His Divine Sleeve, or let us say His Divine Talis (Prayer Shawl)....
So, what the Holy One Blessed He is doing, His holy tzaddikim are also doing, and just when the Breslov Chasidim thought that they had everything down pat, and they were settling down to continue the holy ways of Breslov the way they knew it, Rabbi Nachman says - oh hoa hoa - do I have a surprise for you! SURPRISE SURPRISE, in the merit of Saba not being able to cope with just the routine standards of Breslov, even the strongest words - and they are very strong B"H - of Rabbainu simply weren't enough for him, so Rabbainu says - that's it, you forced my hand, I have to reveal to you my surprise!!!! SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!! Welcome the holy Petek, the ace, the trump card of Rabbainu!!!

Are there going to be more surprises - or do I hear the footsteps of the Messiah?!?!?!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!!!!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Religion is a purification process....

As I cut my hair and nails preparing them carefully for incineration in the fire of the 34th day of the Omer (can't cut at night, can't cut on Shabbos), I realize THIS is what it is about!

Hair, nails are considered "accessories" shells/husks.  They attract attention, yes, but they are not the living object at all.  To remember the order of how to cut your nails remember Be De A Ga H  or 24135 bedeagah means "in worries" or worried something to bite your nails about.  This is the difference between true Saints and everybody else, especially the false leaders.

Not everyone can reach the 50th level, let alone the 51st! (17x3 = Goodx3 = Good is a fact)
A true King is 50 a true GOOD King is 51.  Both are pure but one has Na Nach ->

Na + NaCH + NaCHMa + NaCHMaN = 350 in 4 words or 354!

7x7=49  50x7= 350

From Purim til the day AFTER Shavuot IT IS ONLY ABOUT RABBI NACHMAN!


Friday, April 19, 2013

BH - Sefer Hamidos in English - The Aleph-Bet book - Free - The book of Traits


This is a free download to the manuscript - the plan is to make this
available to everyone for the purpose of fixing up the mistakes, and
any other editing and revising etc.
Please send any constructive criticism or corrections. However there
isn't so much time - because we are in a great hurry to print this
holy book B"H - which will make this holy book available for a very
very low cost and plenty for free B"H.

This introduction to Sefer Hamidos is still under work - and thus the
manuscript presented here is missing the second intro. B"H right now
someone is going over the entire introduction, and when he finishes
soon B"H I will update the manuscript - for now the main thing is the
actual Sefer Hamidos.

download link:!8Q8FGZhQ!PELCkwqapuLUjBN1sYGkp1iMJctZVNOP4fTcifXpKB0

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Free Holy Books of Breslov!!!

BH - Meshech Hanachal is offering any synagogue or yeshiva or the like
free books of Rabbi Nachman!!!! - Just send them a request in the mail

אגודת "משך הנחל" להדפסת והפצת ספרי מוהר"ן מברסלב זיע"א
ת.ד. 5719 ירושלים 91056
טלפון 026273120
פקס 026262579
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sephira of the Date of Haskomas HaPetek

It was 29 years ago on this date - 7 Iyar (which was on Yom Revi'i like it is this year) - that Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ZT"L, the leading Posek of the previous generation, wrote a Haskomo (approbation) for the Petek following his meeting with Saba.  Not that the Petek, which is signed by Rabbeinu himself, needed a Haskomo, as Saba noted, but the purpose of this was in order to prevent challenges to Saba's outreach efforts to bring Jews close to Yiddishkeit and Breslov Chasidus in the last 10 years of his life.

It is true that the date on the Haskomo for the Petek is written as the usual Hebrew date, without mention of the day of the Sephira which is the 22nd day of the Omer; nevertheless, one can see the close connection between the Petek and the Kabbalistic Sephira of the day - Chesed She'B'Netzach - Kindness within Eternity/Victory.

First to note, Rabbeinu's name shares the same Gematria as the Sephira word Netzach - 148.  And just as Rabbeinu was Niftar on the fourth/middle day of the seven days of Succos, so is Netzach the fourth/middle of the seven Sephiros which correspond to the 7*7 days of the Sephira period.  Moreover, Rabbeinu was Niftar on the day that is represented by Moshe Rabbeinu of the seven Ushpizin, who in turn was born and Niftar on 7 Adar, the same date that Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, who was named after Moshe Rabbeinu, was born on.  In fact, there is a Remez to Rabbeinu in a Posuk in Parshas Ki Sisa (Exodus 32:32) which identifies him as Ani Nachman MeUman, and the word Na (please) - which is part of the word Ani (I) - is also the Hebrew number 51 (Noon-Aleph), which is the exact amount of words in the Petek.

As we see in the SEVENTH line of the Petek - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - it follows the same pattern of Poshut, Koful, Meshulosh, Rabua as the main name of Hashem YKVK (K being substituted here for the letter H) when spelled as Y YK YKV YKVK, which shares the same Gematria as the Sephira word Chesed - 72 (as mentioned in Tikunei Zohar).

As you can see, based on the above, there is a close connection between the Sephiros of Chesed and Netzach as they relate to both Hashem's and Rabbeinu's names.  Now, as we note the particular Kabbalistic Sephira of the day as Chesed She'B'Netzach, the word She'B'Netzach shares the same Gematria as the word Shefa (flow) - 450.  Indeed, in the final paragraph of the customary Sephira prayers found in virtually every Siddur, we say the following immediately after noting the particular Kabbalistic Sephira of the day - V'Al Yeday Zeh Yushpa SHEFA Rav B'Chol HaOlamos - "through this, there will be much (spiritual) flow spread through all the worlds..."

And as we say particularly - Shefa RAV "much flow", the word Rav (much) also spells the Hebrew number 202 (Reish-Beis/Veis), and this past 4th day of Succos (18 Tishrei) was the 202th Yahrzeit of Rabbeinu.  This brings in to mind about what it states about Tzadikim that they can effect more spirituality for this world after their passing than even before their passing, because they are no longer restricted in a physical body.

Now, some may have a general question.  Why with all of these Kabbalistic Sephiros, do we say particularly for example Chesed She'B'Netzach (Kindness THAT IS in Eternity/Victory) - instead of Chesed B'Netzach - using the letter Shin, which seems superfluous.  While I don't have the answer to this question, if you do take a close look at the word She'B'Netzach, we can see that the letters of this word spells the following Roshei Taivos (backwards) - Chasidus (of the) Tzadik - Nachman Ben Simcha (Cheis-Tzadi-Noon-Beis-Shin).  And after at least the little that we have learned and retained in our minds of Breslov Chasidus, what is a better way of rectifying the blemishes that were, Chas V'Shalom, made of these Sephiros?  No doubt, it is the flow of the teachings of Rabbeinu that we seek to penetrate all the worlds, especially in order that "we will be purified and sanctified in Your High Holiness".  It is this particular form of CHASIDUS that is the greatest CHESED - whose Roshei Teivos (backwords) spells Daf Sefer Chasidus ("One page of Rabbeinu's Seforim will be the Tikkun for everything") - of the Ribono Shel Olam to help us achieve VICTORY over our Yetzer Hara which will result in our ETERNITY.

And as connected with Rabbeinu's main Talmid - Rabbi Nosson Sternhartz (HaMoharanit) - the Gematria of  Chesed She'B'Netzach is 522 - which is a composite of 500 - the Gematria of Rabbi Nosson's name, and 22 - representing this 22nd day of the Sephira.  V'NOSSAN Lonu Es Toraso "Hashem GAVE us His Torah", the Torah that is composed of the 22 letters of the Aleph Beis.  Boruch Ata Hashem NOSEIN HaTorah - "Blessed is Hashem the Giver of THE TORAH", as the word HaTorah shares the same Gematria as the name of Rabbi Nosson's main work Likutei Halochos - 616, which is Chasidus on the entire FOUR sections of the Shulchan Aruch, of which a Chasidishe Rebbe noted that this work includes ALL the other works of Chasidus!  For after all, in essence, all of Rabbi Nosson's teachings are in fact Rabbeinu's teachings  (as noted in the Sefer Cochvei Ohr).

And it is the Petek, which came to Saba as a reassurance of  his Avodas Hashem from Rabbeinu, which is an aspect of Rabbeinu's Chesed encouraging Saba in terms of Netzach - using his spiritual energies to overcome his materialism, despite the setback of Saba eating on the morning of 17 Tammuz.

Finally, as we learn from Avrohom Ovinu, who represents the Sephira of Chesed, the kindness that we do for others - whether small or big - especially in the way of a spiritual favor in teaching Torah or Hafatza/Kiruv, which is the ultimate kindness that we can do for another, will have ETERNAL value, an everlasting impact on the individual/others for all eternity.  At times, this involves Mesirus Nefesh, just as Moshe Rabbeinu, who represents the Sephira of Netzach, employed in saving the Jewish people following the sin of the Eigel HaZohov on 17 Tammuz, putting his own self being on the line - taking a chance to having himself erased from the entire Torah, devoiding himself of all spiritual merits, in his great Ahavas Yisroel for the Jewish people.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To be or not to be a Breslover i.e. a Nanach

HH his father thought it would be beneficial for him to go to Uman,
but the father warned him - wagging his finger at him - DO NOT COME
BACK AS A BRESLOVER!!!! and from that moment on, he knew, as if he
were touched by the light of G-d, that his role in life was to be a
Breslover!!! (heard last night here by the holy Tomb of Na Nach Nachma
Nachman MeUman).
Before that he was an ordained rabbi, until he couldn't cope with it,
so he opened up a kiruv yeshiva for a few years, and when that
crashed, he crashed, and that's when it was suggested he go to Uman.
When he started considering to make the journey, he called up a good
friend to ask him to go with him, the good friend is extremely close
to one of the leading sfardic rabbis in Israel, and on that exact day
the good friend had just made a siyum - a celebration for having
completed the study of the entire Talmud, immediately after he felt
completely let down and devoid, he had kind of expected that upon the
completion he would be blessed with something or other, and when he
did not experience anything he felt completely sapped, and for 3 hours
he complained to his wife that he was without vitality and didn't know
how he was going to continue, and in the course of his banter he told
his wife that perhaps he need chasidus, perhaps he need to follow the
ways of the Baal Shem Tov, right after this suggestion he gets a phone
call from our man asking him to come along to the Baal Shem Tov (even
though the main trip was going to be to Uman, but the person was
thinking at the time of the Baal Shem Tov), the good friend was blown
away and asked permission to put the call on speaker phone so that his
wife could hear this unbelievable call, and of course she was blown
away, and they went to Uman. It was for Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and they
attended one of the talks in the kloiz, and in general they were
seeping in the joyous atmosphere, and learning all types of new
concepts of true Judaism, in middle of the talk the message became so
clear and good our man burst out laughing, and he looked at his good
friend who was going through the exact same phase, so they both
laughing in middle of the lecture, no one knew why, they were just
laughing B"H.

B"H there are more stories from this fellow B"H who merited to see
Saba in a dream, and has other stories, B"H.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Sunday, April 14, 2013



September 1995 Prime minister Rabin a month and three weeks before he is assassinated goes to his birthplace in Ukraine, in his home-town on the 18th of Eloul he pulls out a copy of a two year old letter (dated Nov. 5th 1992 to President Hertzog by Rabbi Odesser).  In Kiev, he repeats his request to the foreign minister of the Ukraine.  The foreign Minister says immediately "whenever you want to bring him to Israel, do so".

It was known on Rosh Hashana, that year, in Uman, that President Rabin had made the request for a transfer without consulting the "World Headquarters of Breslev".  Ghandi the leader of "Moledet" was very close to the criminal Berland, he was also security for Rabin.  Margalit Har Sheffi was one of the followers of criminal Berland and the girlfriend of Igal Amir who held the smoking gun.  Avishai Raviv was in contact with Igal Amir in connection with was a plan to make the "fake assassination" to add popularity to Rabin.  Margaret Sheffis uncle is Benny Alon (partner of Gandi) Minister of Tourism.
Benny Alon refused to help bring Rabbi Nachman because of his connection to criminal Berland and to Ghandi.  Igal Amir, the murderer of Rabin said to the media on the way to the court that Benny Alon knows everything about the murder.  A mafia woman called Shoshi Halperon had a restaurant in Tel Aviv area called "Restaurant of the Tigers" Her in-famous brother Jakov Halperon was assassinated, they had donated the money for criminal Berlands yeshiva in Jerusalem "chovou bonim" today "Nechamat Tzion".  The night after the murder of Rabin, a student of Berland who used to come for donations to Shoshana Halperin asked her what does she think about the murder of the drunk.  She told him to shut up because someone is listening in the restaurant.  The student told Halperin to get the customer out.  She closed the restaurant and told the student that Igal Amir left that restaurant and from there he killed Igal Amir and was there every day for two weeks planning it out.  The ONE ISSUE that Berland was trying to prevent was Rabbi Nachman being brought to Israel, he spent all his energy on stopping this.
The Ukrainian Authorities would turn criminal Berland in if he was there.  He is now in Marrakesh.


Saturday, April 13, 2013


When people get HUNGRY, angry and sick, you get "TOUMA".  Every honest business man knows that this also works in reverse, being a playboy and rightful wealth don't mix.  Rabbi Nachman left us two related stories about wheat, as the Jewish saying goes: "No wheat, no Torah".  That being said "SABA" was able to watch his son die crying for bread (because the father had chosen Rabbi Nachman) and stick to his path of following Rabbi Nachman to ALWAYS be cheerful and happy.  Sounds crazy, but it was thanks to his perseverance, that the whole world is being saved!

1st Story: The Tainted Wheat:

A King knew that that year would produce a wheat that made everyone crazy (a new philosophy was spreading in Academia).  His advisers told him to save a stock of old wheat.  The King decided that instead he and his court would put a sign on their foreheads to remind themselves that they were insane (the whole year they would be eating that years harvest).  This needed to be done because if the the nation was crazy and they weren't the court would be in danger, since the madmen would think the court was mad (this could cause a civil war).

2ond Story:  The Songbird

A King wanted to allow his workers to receive their payment and work without taskmasters.  The boys sat around in idle chatter, feasted and slept.  The harvest was lost.  The King was upset and famine was unavoidable.  There was one solution: A certain unique and rare songbird could produce beautiful melodies that would make the King very pleased and he would pull out his own reserves of wheat and feed the workers.  The workers found the bird on top of a mountain on a tree.  They then got into a fight about who would climb on top of who in order to reach the bird.  The commotion woke the bird up and it flew away.

These two stories speak about the same thing:

The world is full of lies and we are ALL confused.  The ONLY SOLUTION is to bring Rabbi Nachman  to THE KING.  Only people who are humble enough to carry (work for) all the others can be trusted in retrieving the bird.  Life without truth is not life at all.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, the son of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef passed away at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

Yosef was the rabbi of the Givat Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem and was diagnosed with cancer last year. (Kobi Nachshoni)

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef was great friend and help to Na Nach with regards to bringing Rabbi Nchman to Jerusalem he repeatedly stated that his fathers comments on Halacha 363 were amply sufficient to prove that without a doubt Rabbi Nachman must be brought to Israel it is a big mitsvah. 

Zionist-Religious leader says Rabbi Nachman of Breslov desired burial in Israel, therefore supports petition calling on gov't to import his bones
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 03.12.09, 07:33 / Israel Jewish Scene

The Breslov Hasidic camp is currently promoting the importation of the bones of their founding leader, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and one of the senior rabbis of the Religious-Zionist movement has joined the struggle.

More From the Rabbi
Rabbi Aviner refers to Baruch Goldstein as saint  / Tzofia Hirschfeld
Asked by a reader whether Jewish doctor who murdered 29 innocent Palestinians erred, Zionist rabbi says answer is 'complicated'
Full Story
Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who has previously opposed the Jewish New Year's Eve trend of massive prostration on the Rebbe's grave in the Ukrainian town of Breslov, has expressed his support for a petition being circulated by the Hasidic community, which calls on the government to bring the holy site to Israel.

In an article published by the 'Maayanei Hayeshua' organization Aviner writes: "Is Rabbi Nachman a lesser (man) than many leaders of Israel whose bones have been transferred to Israel? Of course not! He is more so, because many times he said that his true place was in Israel."

The rabbi claimed that Nachman had desired to be buried in Israel, "and if the will of Rabbi Nachman was that people would come to visit his grave, of course his will could be carried out with more enthusiasm in the Land of Israel."

Regarding the issue of the transfer of graves, which carries many halachic limitations, the rabbi determined that if the graves are transferred to Israel the move is considered a mitzvah.

He explains that according to Rabbi Moses Maimonides, burial in Israel accomplishes atonement for the sins of the deceased, and thus "Rabbi Nachman will benefit from this".

In conclusion, Aviner recommends that the reader sign the Hasidic petition, and explains that the move "will also save one from leaving Israel for an impure land, which is known as a halachic problem."

He adds, "It will also save the wealth of Israel, which can be given to charity, which saves lives. Therefore 
it is a doubled mitzvah to bring Rabbi Nachman's bones to Israel, as was the process with many great and holy (people)."

The "Petition of Millions" calls on the government to import the grave to Jerusalem as part of the "fulfillment of the prophecy of world peace and to assist the arrival of salvation."

According to the petition, the importation of the grave will bring salvation to the world in the fields of security and economics, and will prevent the occurrence of a third world war.

2 More Breslov Books for Free Download

Courtesy of 'Maleh Vgadish Mkav Lkav'

עוד כוכבי אור
אזמרה כף זכות

See all Breslov Books for free download

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sefer Hamidos - Book of Traits

BH the free - most critical and accurate to date - hafatza
translation is reaching completion B"H, pray for it.

So looking at one of the previous translations I found the following
rendition (applied to a quotation of Proverbs 8:9)

The book is easy to understand and clear for anyone with a brain.


Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bringing Nanach All Over

B"H in Sefer Hamidos - the Alef Bet Book we learn:

7. Sometimes the Tzaddik comes to moving from place to place, so that
when he comes to the World to Come, he will remember all the places he
had been, and through this good will come to all those places (t.n.
See previous – book one #150).

From here we can learn a very very powerful rectification - because
when someone says the holy name Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - he is
a tzadik - so before saying Nanach, one can make a short confession to
the Holy One Merciful G-d and recount different low places where he
has fallen in the past, and then by saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman
MeUman he will invoke G-d's infinite mercy to bring rectification to
those places!

It would be worthy to write about this at length and even compose a
text for such a rectification, may we merit to this, in merit of the
holy Petek!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Monday, April 8, 2013

The counting of the Omer

In this time period between Pesach and Shavuos we mourn the death of the 24,000 disciples of Rabbi Akiva who died on account of not according each other proper respect. The disciples were obviously extremely diligent scholars, studying the holy Torah day and night, it is very strange and remote to think that they would fall to base and course etiquette. There is more to the story.... always look for the Nanach...

The Talmud (Peshachim 49) quotes Rabbi Akiva as saying that when he was still an ignorant bloke he would say, "who will hand me a Torah scholar and I will bite him like a donkey!" From this we glean that the Torah scholars of the time gave off a bad odor, something which led the commoner to repulse them G-d forbid. Due to Rachel, Rabbi Akiva's wife, he had the opportunity to look past the derision he had for the scholars and realize the awesome beauty and splendor of the holy Torah. Having reached his success in Torah, it would have been expected of him to rectify the "bad odor" that so many scholars exude R"L. Unfortunately these 24,000 students didn't break through this trapping, and only the prized student of Rabbi Akiva - Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the master of the holy Zohar, succeeded in breaking this stigma, and bringing holy brotherhood and love to the scholars, a Heavenly fragrance (the Ariza'l  says that Rabbi Shimon and his group were complete in the faulting of the 24,000, this is what Rabbi Shimon says, We are in affection...).

Today, once again we see that the holy fragrance seems to rest with the Nanach and unfortunately seems to elude so many Torah scholars, may the merit to realize the truth of the holy Petek very very soon! 
Isn't the Shoa less suffering for a Jew then a life of sin?

May Hashem have mercy on all of us and bring us back to the Tzaddik Ha Emet.
What do you tell a guy looking for a Na Nach girl?

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...what is I gave you all the starlets of Hollywood and all the Missuses including of course, Miss Universe, would it be enough? Would you have enough? If your answer is no, that's because your Jewish and Wine is not a substitute for Keddusha!
    I you were to be a wealthy and respected father of a tribe of ten kids studying in Yeshiva, would that be enough for you? Not even!
    That's because even a small bit of truth like knowing about the Petek, knocks all this Kavod flat on it's back!
    Here is your contact for finding a Na Nach partner-ette!

  • Mordecai Geoffrey Max Spiro
    Anywayse, you can say kiddush with about anything you have.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sefer Hamidos - the AlefBetBook - The Book of Traits

145. That which the Holy One Blessed He does not heed the prayer of the tzaddik, (it is) in order to thus reject the evildoers, that they should remain in their wickedness. (t.n. A possible explanation for this cause and effect can be made based on Likutay Moharan Torah 70 that the tzaddik is like the Earth and all of creation gravitates towards him but there are forces that repel gravity see the teaching at length, so it is possible that when G-d doesn't heed the tzaddik's prayer this is a general repellant against his magnetism, and thus the wicked will not be drawn to the tzaddik and will remain in their wickedness. As far as the concept of rejecting the wicked from repentance, this is found in numerous places such as by Pharoah and Korach – see the commentaries there).

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sleep secure in the knowledge and faith of Resurrection - from Sefer Hamidos - the AlefBetBook - Book of Traits

4. One who is unable to sleep should bring to mind faith in the Resurrection. (t.n. This could be the reason that people naturally are inclined to put their hand under their cheek when they go to sleep, because in Hebrew cheek is 'lechi' – which can be read 'lechai' – to life (also 'lechi' is the numerical value of 'haluz' - the luz bone, the only part of the body that doesn't decompose, and from this bone the body is resurrected), so by placing one's hand there, one is reminded of the resurrection and will have an easier time falling asleep. In the Breslov book, Avuhnehu Barzel, item 69, there is brought down a tradition that Rabbi Nachman never said a Torah teaching on three things, and one of them is why a person puts his hand under his cheek when going to sleep, everyone agrees however that indirectly Rabbi Nachman explains everything without exception).

For all those out there with complete faith in HY and Rabbainu - here's a little Sefer Hamidos - Book of Traits - for you

108. One who has complete faith in the blessed G-d can give satisfaction to the Tzaddik. (t.n. As the commentators here offer no parallel hints, I suggest Psalms 7:11 – my faith is in G-d , saviour of the just).

For all you holy pleasure seekers out there - this is from Sefer Hamidos - the book of traits

104. The Tzaddik can take delight (from the physical world), and need not fear from the evil inclination, for his Torah protects him (t.n. See Likutay Moharan, Torah 22:5 that goes further to say that the tzadik purifies his body to the extent that he can remember holiness from bodily pleasure).
It's still the 8th of the Omer and no confirmation by Israel that anything is happening to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.... So I thought, "Let's say that according to Halacha the Lubavich Rebbe needs to be brought to Israel, (Kfar Habad) what is 770?."  The US Government might consider the effect this would have on certain Jewish areas in the US and do what they can to maintain their "culture".  The Rebbe of Lubavitch DID NOT WANT TO BE BROUGHT TO ISRAEL...but Halacha 363 (shass gimmel) as brought down by Rav Ovadia Josef makes it clear that we are supposed to bring the deceased even in precisely such a case...and the Rebbe knew this himself.  Will this help to bring Rabbi Nachman? You bet!  Does Rabbi Nachman want to come? You bet!

Monday, April 1, 2013

The bones, they follow us in, the waters are sweetened

SHEMI N(achman) I(srael).  Everyone knows of course that SHEMO (NA) (na)8 the noun splits the 88 code for Heil Hitler.  That the sea of "apikoursos" is split then the waters are sweetened are a direct result of the bones being brought AS PROMISED.

It is NOT a natural thing that the "false leaders" were excited to try and loot the fleeing nation.  G-d set the trap and sprung it too!

After this the "egel" effect takes place and the "books" are sweetened and turn into Torah!

Very much looking forward!