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Monday, March 4, 2013


Saba said that Yiddish is a holy language and we should speak it. When I first heard this it was hard for me to understand. I always thought of Yiddish as a golus language, something of the past. However if Saba says it is a holy language I trust him. I also know that there is an inyun to read the Sipurei Maasiot in Yiddish. Still it was hard for me to understand why Yiddish is so holy. I remember reading that Rebbe Nachman said that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai made the Aramaic language holy through writing the Zohar in that language. Maybe in the same way Rabeinu made Yiddish holy by telling over the Stories in Yiddish and by teaching Torah (Did he give his lessons over in Yiddish or Hebrew? Obviously Likutei Moharan is all in Hebrew but maybe Reb Noson wrote the lessons down in Hebrew although they were told in Yiddish. Does anybody know?)

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Anonymous said...

I am almost certain the lessons were all said over in Yiddish, only later transcribed in the written form in Hebrew. I would be shocked if it it were otherwise.