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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rabbainu - Moshe Rabbainu

Hebrew employs dots and dashes as vowels for the letters of the Alef Bet, the Torah scrolls are bereft of all of these vowels propounding the infinite arrangement of different permutations.

The name Moses - Moshe, by applying a different set of vowels can spell MaSheHu - a little something (also sometimes used in exclamation - Wow that is something!) - this is the way of Moshe who bound himself to every Jew, even the lowest of the low (LKM vol. 2:82), and Rabbainu also revealed that Moshe is enclothed in every one of our limbs, he is the humility found there which is the soul of our future life (LKM vol. 2:72).

This is also the way Rabbainu guided the future of Judaism and civilization, to always look for the good in one's self and others - even if this good is minuscule - MaSheHu.... MaSheHu!!! .

As in previous years, everyone is talking about how Moshe Rabbainu is mentioned only once in the Hagada, and they are all so worried lest people start worshipping Moshe Rabbainu (Don't ask - what is going on in their mind?!). The correct - simple reason has been published on in previous years.

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