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Friday, March 1, 2013

Make it happen NOW, Nachman to Jerusalem means Peace for the world.

If President Obama doesn't agree by the 16th of March to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem on the 20th of March, the subject of the meeting will be war with Iran (for starters).

King Solomon brought Peace to the entire world and built the temple for all nations, not only for the Muslims, Jews or Christians.  Bringing Rabbi Nachman, who even more then King Solomon is the source of all wisdom is going to cause Jerusalem and the whole world to realize, that the religions that believe in the one and only G-d, (who took the tribes of Israel out of Egypt) have everything to do with life and Peace, and nothing to do with war.

Practically speaking, war with Iran is NOT THE ISSUE, to bring Peace the name of the Tzadik needs to be on everyone s lips.   The way to do this is:

#1 read the attached letter to United States President Mr. Barak Hussein Obama,
#2 press like and forward this letter to your contacts especially your favorite politicians.  
#3 There is NO OTHER agenda for peace but this one here, so please let's learn what we need to talk about.  
#4 The Ukrainian Government has been waiting to make this deal for a very long time already. 
#5 A month and three weeks before his assassination,  Israeli Prime Minister Issac Rabin received a promise by the Ukrainian Government to transfer the remains of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev to Jerusalem (this is documented).  The assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister must not become a legitimate way to end Prime Minister Rabin's nationally accepted plan for Peace.  President Peres thank G-d, knows how to complete this project with Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the United States President, Obama.
#6 The two Presidential Peace Prize Laureates will then open the International Peace Conference backed up by the wisdom of Rabbi Nachman from Jerusalem.  

To the Attention of, His Most Honorable Excellency,
Jerusalem, February 13th , 2013
The President of the United States of America,
Mr. Barak Hussein Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Delivered by hand to the care of His Excellency,
The American Ambassador to State of Israel,
The Honorable, Dan Shapira

Re: Transferring the bones of the wise man of peace,
Rabbi Nachman of Breslev to Jerusalem, the Holy City of Peace.

Honorable President of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama!

In the name of half a million pilgrims of the Most Holy Saint, Rabbi Nachman of Breslev,
both in Israel and in the entire world, we know you are the only leader of the free world
and bestow upon you to become the person honored by the Jewish Nation for this historical
moment close to everyone’s heart; the bringing of the remains of Rabbi Nachman to
Jerusalem, where King David, his son Solomon, (the King of world peace) and all the Kings
of Israel of buried.

This action was requested by the holy saint Rabbi Nachman of Breslev, who said “my only
place is the land of Israel”. Rabbi Nachman also stated that “anyone that does him a favor
will only gain and not lose”, “ without him, the world is in complete chaos”, “I am the river
that purifies from all stains (sins)” and “I am the only leader and there is no one like me”.

Enclosed is a letter from His Excellency, former Prime Minister and current
President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

This gesture of yours will be greatly appreciated by the Israeli government as well as the
whole Jewish nation. The tomb of Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem, will remain a factor for
lasting peace on all sides, and an eternal symbol of the friendship between our two nations.

Representing the Committee,

Geoffrey-Max Mordekai-Spiro
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