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Friday, March 29, 2013

Erasing the name of the Rebbe in his house!

BH today the shamash (caretaker) had a Ukranian gentile erase Rabbi Nachman's name from his house here in Uman. When I challenged the shamesh warning him that this would G"F incur curse on him, he tried to excuse himself by saying that he feared his superiors. Obviously this is not a very good justification.

Everyone is urged to pray that the shamash should gain the courage to break off from his "superiors" who is being manipulated as a pawn - these rabbis are raking in donations and acclaim for taking care of the holy tomb, and at their disposal they have the free servitude of the shamash who raises the necessary funds for the tomb and his own meager salary on his own - so why and where is there room for superiors???

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