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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dear friends,

Thursday, Rabbi Nachman was still in Uman.  I am hoping everyday that he is on his way!

Berland has successfully blocked the news from coming out (or it is being held temporarily off the media).  I heard his abuses were caught on tape and he is fleeing in Europe/ or Florida... who knows.  In the meantime the police is going to collect money here from whoever is involved on both sides of the conflict.

For a video of Rav Israel Ber Odesser about this subject: video

If you want to see who will come out a winner:

Juda, Ishamael or Esav watch this sign from "nature"....  Only Rabbi Nachman can make these animals understand the truth about a calf!  Blessed are those who protect and defends  the calf who rises from the water like Josef (or better still..Rabbi Nachman).

What does nature say?: nature video

Why does Rabbi Israel NOT want Machlokes, since it is the "gift" Rabbi Nachman brought back from the promised-land?  Breslev burned because of Machlokes, but Uman will be elevated by becoming the Lowest Point on Earth where Rabbi Nachman is launched to Jerusalem from!

Na Nach,


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