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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

By the Holy Tomb of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

BH a few days ago we were visited by David Assoline (?) who is supposedly the guy who owns the tzion. He claims that he gave $400,000 by the New Years for the utilities of the tzion, however Peretz Krohn the guy running the tzion said he never got the money, and so this is just another story of the rabbis guzzling the money. Peretz Krohn is caught on the short end of both sides, B"H he's running an honest house documenting all the income and expenditures, the sad part of it is that while he is running everything independently, and on the occasion he gets a tiny bit of help from the rabbis who appointed him (in addition to the daily expenses for the utilities, guards, bribes, and the like, they are also paying of an $80,000 building expense of the newly renovated and expanded large room on the outside of the holy tomb), so he is basically saving those rabbis from paying for anything, and in the meantime the rabbis have steady donations pouring in for their upkeeping of the holy tomb.... not to mention all the money that was raised until now over the years, including the huge drives in recent years where probably hundreds of people signed up for "hoaraas keva" - automatic monthly payments - Peretz doesn't see a penny of it!!!

 BH left with one copy of our English Story Tales I presented it to David, and he was happy to receive it.

Also this was an opportune time which I took advantage to explain to David that Rabbainu really wanted to buried in Israel, David was obviously very much under the influence of the rabbis, however maybe the truth will sink in, also he was attended with yechial nehari (?) a very famous chazan who was kind of raised by David (?), Yechiel took great interest in this truth, and hopefully he will have influence to further this worthy cause.

Amazingly a few boys who are followers of b. - the so called breslov rabbi who was just over all the news for raping at least 20 women and for beating up a witness - and here these boys are on their way to switzerland to be with him! Let it be known that Saba predicted this guys downfall, and the Nanach always stayed far away from anything to do with him.

On of the Nanach residing in Uman is a former full fledged member of Hell's Angels! We also have M.G. who used to be the "house bochur" (boy who attends to a chasidic master, residing with him...) for the beyalla rebbe - M.G. is a witness to warn you, stay away from these people, and get with Rabbainu!  We also have Mordechai k. whose father is a renkown chasidic master and if Mordechai hadn't ran to the truth of Rabbainu he probably would have been made the rebbe.

BH our good friend here in Uman - Gilad - is pumping out fresh bred and pastries, however he doesn't think he will be able to operate on Pesach, B"H other doors are opening.

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