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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BH one of the biggest, if not the biggest MSS of Breslov was busted big time


perhaps mida ki-negged mida [measure for measure] for his preventing Saba from bringing the holy tomb of Rabbainu to Jerusalem, this guy may never step foot into Israel again.

it was just a matter of time.. .
ב'עוד ר'שע ל'נגדי נ'עלמתי ד'ומיה...


The villager said...

Is it the New York rabbi that faked the circumbcision?

Couldn't find the article yet.

The villager said...

Found the article, the Minister of Tourism is in a city by the same name as this Rabbi, right now. He's coming back for international WOMAN's DAY, but this Rabbi is not!