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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sight and Time

HH in Rabbainu's story of the Seven Holy Beggars of Ancient Times, the first holy beggar is the Blind One, who doesn't have any gaze into this world what-so-ever, because the whole world doesn't add up to even a time breadth of a blink of an eye, and he is very old and very young as if he hadn't even started living (hence "ancientlyoung"...) - so Rabbainu reveals that there is a connection and dependence of seeing this world and equilibrium of time and aging. Rabbainu says in Likutay Moharan that one should always look at the good, the G-dliness in everything. The inner good is above time (this is also explained by the Ramchal in Adir Bamarom, that the establishment of time, is only as a result of the outer exterior layers of the foundation blocks of creation), thus the more one trains himself to look just at the good and inner G-dliness around him, will beat time, and become younger and younger like the holy blind beggar. It really helps to have Nanach written all around....

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