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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Purim in Uman 5773

B"H Rabbainu showed us a real Purim.
Aside from the more external celebrating - someone having donated 80 kilo of meat which was barbecued non stop and took us till Shushan Purim to finish, people went around with wine and shnapps. All around the holy tzion people passed out B"H - after Purim they brought in a powerhose to clean up. The megilla reading was a real hit - Shlomo Carlbach said that a good story is one that you don't want it to end, you want it to keep going, B"H this Purim by Rabbi Nachman there was that feeling that we could keep reading the megilla on and on - and the mention of Haman brought on so much laughter that people got the giggles and couldn't stop laughing. During one haman bout, someone called out reassuringly (this is about 1:06 minutes into the clip) not to worry there will be more "hamans".

BH there will be some more posts, pictures, and videos.

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