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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nanach give light to Purim

HH if someone lives in the bathtub of Achashveirosh, he might have the halachic status of a walled city from the time of Yehoshua bin Nun, because even shushan wasn't walled since YBN, but since the main miracle occurred there they read on the 15th, so too, even though a bathtub isn't a city, if it is the bathtub of Achashveirosh it would probably give the halachic status of reading on the 15th - make sure not to get water on the Megila - and maybe for Purim change the water to real mashke, in merit of the holy Petek!

New Hebrew song:!oZ81CZaA!Tw5mXU_n1_nyzAGwiB5TQQMGsqg7WqAj9U3YkIhrKgM

B"H everyone should pray and do whatever they can to help the Nanach Nation of Wallenburg get a Nanach Mobile in time for Purim - amphibious might help....

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