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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Chinese are buying up resources everywhere.  They work like aunts and destroy unproductive and reproductive women. We know nothing about their culture, but they learn everything about us, and reproduce it, better.  Sounds weird?

The US could become "competitive" again, as it "UNITES" with China.  The rich get richer, the American dream of success.  The middle class? It has the privilege of survival. The "working class", they get more motivated and productive (and become exactly what they say they are, slaves).  

Education & Law enforcement.  Less education, more muscular police force.

There must be a cultural awakening in America, to other cultures, the Chinese, Arab, etc... because if we don't and they "forget" their cultures in order to compete for recognition according to our standards, their understanding is bound to be warped, and we will have to abandon all forms of culture and all return to the ancient instinct of survival. Two generations is enough time for this to happen.

Na Nach, offers an opening to everyone, but we are being closely watched and "jumped" by Habad.

Can "brotherly love between" the Na Nachs save the situation?

The example that Saba gave us was his relationship with Shazar.  The super-natural result was the current Israeli economy, which is the backbone of a psychologically healthy population and even military power.  However good a trick, currency alone cannot save a country.  The lesson is a good one, but we have to take it one step further, at least one step!

The country desperately needs a leader.

Although we cannot provide a "live" leader, since as you know, even Moses could not find one out of 600 000 to assist him with his unavoidable responsibility to Josef.   Would Isaac have assisted Moses?  I think, Esav would have assisted Moses!  In fact Moses grew up in the house of Pharo from the line of Ishmael.   What had happened to the brothers?

THAT is the root cause of the problem and everyone knows it.

Keeping the PROMISE! To Josef can only be done, by bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.  The current ELECTED government MUST do it, even if Rabbi Nachman came himself, it wouldn't help.

Na Nach


The villager said...

BTW, the Chinese democracy movement praises a sage that saved the country from famine and gave them 4 laws. Could it have been Josef? OF COURSE IT WAS!!!

IlaN-ach said...

pharo came from ishmael?