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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some say Rabbi Nachman can come back on his own.  They are 100% correct, didn't Josef come out on his own when Moshe said he was going to leave without him, he had no choice.  Josef knew, we would not be able to cross the sea without his help.
We still did not keep our oath to Josef.  That is why we need to learn Yiddish!
The "Breslev" authorities, yes those that adore Rabbi Natan and do not realize the Petek is the Sefer ha Ganouze, that Rabbi Natan and Rabbi Shimon were not allowed to see in their generation.  Those Breslevers are the ones Rabbenu EXPECTS to do their own tikkun and require that the government bring Rabenu here uniting Israel and bringing the redemption.  Rabbenus' teachings are that POWERFUL, that these people ARE carrying ALL the responsibility on THEIR shoulders!

All I can do is try to learn yiddish so they will listen to me maybe.
Do I have a chance?


Anonymous said...

We are not required to do the whole thing, just our share of it. Rebbeinu said one can raise the dead by just the thoughts that he thinks as he paces back and forth in his room. Who would believe that rebbeinu is rebbeinu mammash even if he were to mammash re-animate his body? i think the point is to do the good deeds without a focus on results, as we never know what the reward may be, and how "that one dollar can win the lotto." not that this is a lotto, we learn from purim tat there is no lotto. all the more so "we declare the times", and we start patterns of positive and negative vibrations. na nach.

The villager said...

Shlomo C., is that you again?
Actually it would be the first time almost.

Speaking about Purim,or "matan torah" (Joshua asked for the day Moses made a "mistake on" right?) Everyone, but everyone, lowers the Tzaddik! Mordecai WAS and IS the only one that did not bow to HAMAN! The only one the KEPT THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, then why was he LOWERED?

ALL HE DID is what is EXPECTED of each and everyone of us, it's not a special treatment from G-d he got, he just passed the test! Why did we demote him? Have things changed or do we still need Achachveroch, Paroe, or the Queen of England?