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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sefer Hamidos on Shmiras Habris

With thanks to Hashem who gives energy to the weak,  the Sefer Hamidos extraction for teachings related to Shmiras Habris is now complete, it can be accessed on the following page . To see extractions from Rabanues other sefarim see the main page

New Extractions from Sefer hamidos on Shmiras Habris

Pray About it in the Beit Knesset
Hashem is found in the Beit Knesset.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 3)

Pray For Your Friends Purity
A person that prays for his friend and he needs that same thing, he is answered first.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 6)

Pray Humbly
A person whose mind is humble, his prayer is not despised.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 7)
Pray About it in Advance
A person should always advance prayers before the problems come about.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 8)

Pray Hard
A person that prays with excruciation below, prosecutors can not prosecute him above.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 9)

Ask Others to Pray for You
Prayers of someone else work better then your own personal prayers, even a Tzadik needs the prayers of others.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 10)

Never too Late to Yell
A Yell is productive for a person regardless if he is holding before the judgment was sealed or after the judgment was sealed.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 14)

Pray on Rainy Days
On days of rain, salvation multiplies in the world and merit defenders enter in front of Hashem.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 16)

Be Forgiving and Then Pray
A person that is forgiving, his prayers are answered.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 20)

When it Comes to Holiness Request a Lot
A person should not raise his head to ask big requests in prayer when it comes to his personal needs, however when it comes to Torah and fear of Heaven, he should ask all he desires.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 24)

Pray to Change Your Mazal
Through prayer a person can change his destined luck.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 28)

Prepare to Plead
A person that decides to plead in front of Hashem, through this he finds favor in Hashem's eyes.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 30)

Pray With Bitachon
Through faith, hashem hears your prayers.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 31)

Give Charity and Bind Yourself to the Tzadikim
Before prayer give charity and bind yourself to the righteous of the generation.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 33)

Pray Same Time as Congregation
When the public prays it is a time of good will.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 35)

Pray for Even Minor Details
For all things, regardless if it is a big thing or a small thing, pray about it.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 37)

Pray for Your Friends

A person that has the ability to pray for mercy for his friend and does not request this, is called a sinner.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 38)

Stretch Out Your Hands Out in Prayer
During prayer stretch out your hands as if your are receiving some object.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 46)
Pray on Shabbos or Rosh Chodesh
Shabbos and Rosh Chodesh are more auspicious times for raising prayers.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 48)

Cry While Praying
Prayers that are done with tears are accepted.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 51)

Mention Zechus Avos
When you request something, mention ancestral merit.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 52)

Pray With Happiness
A person that prays with happiness, Hashem honors him and takes care of his oppressors.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 57)

Pray for the Purity of Your Children
A person has to pray for children and all those that come after him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 61)

First Pray for Entire Jewish Nation
When a person wants to carry out a prayer, pray for the entire Jewish Nation.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 65)

Bitachon Helps Prayers Get Accepted
Through faith the prayers of a person are heard.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 68)

Humbleness Helps Prayer From Heart
A person that is humble can cry out in prayer from his heart.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 69)

Happiness Helps Prayer
Through happiness your prayers will enter the chamber of the King.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 70)

Pray With a Melody
A person that derives no pleasure from his prayers should pray with a tune.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 71)

Pray With Strength
A person that prays with strength, hashem listens to his prayer.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 72)

No Emuna Prevent Prayers
A person that does not have faith, his prayers are not heard.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 74)

Silence When Disgraced Get Request Answered
When you hear yourself being degraded and remain silent, you will merit that Hashem will answer your request.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 77)

Pray for Your Friend
A person that prays for his friend, through this Hashem doubles for him his goodness.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 78)

Pray With Happiness
Prayer that is done with happiness is desirable and sweet to Hashem.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 81)

Foreign Thoughts Hound People Trying to be Holy
Thought only goes after the worshiper (Explanation: A person that serves Hashem, it is after him that foreign thoughts chase after to confuse him, more then other people. This is the meaning of 'Thought only go after the worshiper').
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila 84)

Raise Your Head While Praying
Prayers are better when your face is turned upwards.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila B 2)

Give Money That Correlates to Request
There are prayers that are not accepted above until a certain set amount of money is given to charity that adds up to the amount of letters to the associated prayer. For example; when a person prays "Give me Children", he must give to charity the equivalent of the number of letters "Give me Children".
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila B 9)

Prayer Can Change Zivug
Through prayer a person can change his destined soulmate that was announced for him in heaven.
(Sefer Hamidos, Tiffila B 10)

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