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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reward & Punishment

People wonder, how is it that often good people suffer and bad people get the fame and fortune, if there is a righteous G-d?

Some say, you have to believe in the next world, heaven & hell etc...

For those of you who would rather rely on what is tangible, I have another explanation for you, heavily based on the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev as interpreted by Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser (Na Nach).

As you know, the Amalekite motto is "might makes right". Almost all faiths including and especially the Christians emphasize that G-d wants to save those that are farthest away from him.  Rabbi Nachman makes a distinction here, he says that G-d gets the most glory when those that are the farthest away from him repent.  Rabbi Israel clarifies further: in this the most spiritually obscure generation, even a small move towards G-d is a greater thing then great achievements of earlier more "glorious" generations.

What is tangible about all this? Nothing, except the notion that a scarce commodity has a greater value.

That doesn't answer why good people suffer so much and why a happy and wealthy villain would be willing to lower his standard of living and quality of life! Even sacrifice his reputation and gladly accept a life of "failure and misery or to be sacrificed altogether" because THAT glorifies G-d! Sounds far from logic, off the wall!

There is a law, that when the day of glory comes to Israel and the just from the nations will all want to live in Israel (together), according to the scriptures, the gates will be shut!

You have heard that G-d wants those that are far away to know him and repent. If everything were revealed and the saints were all rewarded according to their merit, all the bad guys would ask for their share and "become" good they would even be professional at it! Even if all the revelations already exist, only the sages can understand them, in order that that the gates don't get shut down on the others.  The sages that understand all this are willing to give up on personal glory, to keep the gates open.

These saints know what Paradise is because they are already there.

That is how Rabbi Akiba was laughing while he was being tortured and didn't want his executioner to make things easier on him, it is also the way his executioner was able to secure a well earned place for himself in heaven in record time by jumping in the fire along with the Rabbi!

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