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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How is the petek REAL?

#1 ein mikre.

and to be the devil's advocate:
#2, you can't forge the name of an Angel without consequences/consciousness of what you are doing, as there is only Ratzon Hashem.

aaaand all consequences are Hashem's will.

Aaaaaand there is nothing but Hashem.

So lets make peace by being peace.

Fulfilling the verse "oseh Shalom Bimbromaw hu Yaaseh Salom uLaynu w'all KOL Yisrael, w'imru, umayn. Yisrael is about soul identity. Also khassidei umot Haolam.

go ahead, challenge me, I have many answers prepared!


Anonymous said...

Who told you that you cannot forge an angel's name without consequences? And who told you that the forger did not suffer consequences? Maybe he died a misah meshunah. After all, we are not sure who he is.
Boruch Havayah

The villager said...

My blessings to you Brother, sounds great. Answer to the other comment:

Jacob asked the angel for his name, and held his heel. Jacob got out of it with a limp, for his impertinence.

Even if you can hold an angel back from going to heaven- by force- he will not give you his name.

Even if you have the merit of Jacob, you won't get out of this unhurt!!!

IlaN-ach said...

every action has consequences.
what forger?
there is only Hashem.