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Monday, January 7, 2013

Brotherhood (& Na Nach)

If I were to solve all the worlds problems with one word that everyone could put to use immediately, it would be be "brotherhood".  The third word in the motto that France chose after their bloody revolution.  The word the united workers were big about when Communism and Socialism were beginning to form.  Surprised?

The word brotherhood, is NOT Communist or Socialist, or French Nationalist, or Islamist.  The word brother is a founding principle from the Old Testament.  Among equal brothers, there is one called Josef, who is different and has a leadership function. How does the US Constitution differ from the French? The French say: Liberty,Legalite, Fraternite (liberty, justice, brotherhood) The Americans say: Freedom, Justice for all. Brotherhood is replaced by "for all". "One Nation, under G-d, with Liberty and Justice for all...".  Basically an American is a citizen of the world who intends to make everyone benefit from Liberty and Justice.  His Nation will help him do that. Does he consider himself their brother? The French wanted to spread their culture, at a price, the Americans are following in the footsteps.

Does a person need to be a Frenchman or an American to be a "Brother"?  Of course not, a brother is a person who does everything to help his peer as he would his own brother, or himself, he doesn't consider himself better or worse then the others, paradoxically, that makes him a leader.  There are communication barriers, but the accepted principle are that all men were created equal.

There is one major flaw for this to work, this flaw is causing all the havoc.  When the brothers would not accept the leadership function of Josef, they could no longer consider themselves equal compared to one another and the competition for who was the better had begun. For brotherhood to work "permanently" a divinely appointed "KING" needs to be revealed.  Before this King we are indeed all equals. Today, we don't know who the King is, but we do know who his opposite is.  And we know who is the opposite of the opposite! Na Nach Nachman Nachman Meuman!

If my people would only be together, friends, close neighbors, getting along, I would be with you!                    

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