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Monday, January 21, 2013

Breslov on Israeli Television

BH a few days ago the Israeli Television - Channel 10, ran a leading show by Amnon Levi about Breslov unfortunately it was mostly about one of the  charlatan rabbis. A few days before the show was aired one of the members of the Nanach Party for the Knesset acted on his suspicions that the secular mocking host would use this as an opportunity to put the Nanach in a bad light G"F, so our friend called the TV channel a few times and warned them, this was successful B"H in taming their appetite, and they kept the Nanach element out of the main spotlight. On the day of the show, our friend was still concerned and he sent two Nanach to the Knesset to lodge a complaint to stop the show altogether from airing. The official protest costed 700 shekel, and a full day of our exhausted friends efforts (they had been up the whole night). A summons was sent by fax to the TV, but the TV didn't answer it, and therefor the court said they had no power of restraining them. Nevertheless the TV realized how serious the Nanach were and feared further legal action, so they put a disclaimer at the end of the show, the Nanach have no affiliation whatsoever to this charlatan rabbi! This was exactly the message we wanted, and it also served as a great publicity advertisement, as this show is a primetime and had many viewers. Personally - the show didn't appeal to me at all, so I didn't watch it, but from what I understand, although the host spoke with haughtiness and mocking, nonetheless very strong positive things were said about Breslov, acknowledging that it is the most powerful sweeping movement of the 21st century.

This is just some of the action and excitement going on, it's hard for to post most of it, so here at least you get a taste. NNNNM!

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