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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

With the help of G-d, 26th of Eloul,5732,

In honor of the President of Israel, my life and my heart, Mr. Shner Zalman Shazar, who G-d rejoices in and glorifies himself with, and placed the crown of Kingship upon is head, and gave him kingship over Israel, so that he would have mercy on them and will try with all his might, with self sacrifice to put together the people of Israel and "the flowing source (of wisdom)", the new light, the amazing wonder that lowers himself to the deepest depth to salvage and extract all the lives from there, and raises them up over all the skies.  A good and blessed year, life blessing peace and healing, amen.

A song of love, a song of togetherness, a song of thanksgiving I sing to you, my life and my heart, with love and great affection because I found grace and mercy in your good heart in awesome revelations and a long and drawn out battle strong and hard with Knesset Member M. Peroush until you were able to make him accept that I would have a place to rest, a holy place to do my divine services, Torah and prayer and communication with G-d and meditation before G-d.  Happy is your part that you merited something great and big like this, certainly a share like this share he will have with me in the work that I do for G-d in this world and in the next.

How very sad I am for you, brother, my friend, for the greatness of your sorrow from the dieses ?. I feel your sorrow to the depths of my heart, because your sorrow is my sorrow.  I pray constantly with each prayer and each moment the will for your peace and good in body and spirit, and especially now that I heard today about the sickness of your precious wife, I make efforts with all my might to pray for her speedy recovery, lord of mercy have mercy on Rachel daughter of Zalda and he should send his words and heal her quickly, and he should add to you years of good and healthy life, and you should merit to witness shortly the splendor of the revelation of the light of truth, the new light (N.N.) that is greater then all the great lights that were and that will be.

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