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Monday, December 3, 2012

The New Nanach Political Party for the Knesset

G-d created man in His image, after creating the entire world, G-d left the finishing touch for man, so that man can resemble the Divine “profile” as creator and manager. Being that the world was near completion, all that Man had to do was channel and draw more holiness. G-d placed man in the Garden of Eden for this purpose, Man would delight there and complete the creation lifting it with increasing holiness. Man sinned throwing the whole creation down, and now Man would have to work and toil just to restore the world to it's previous state. Man could no longer remain to delight in the Garden of Eden, he was exiled and was put under the duress of fixing up the glitches that were wrought in the world.

With the birth of Noach, just the introduction of his holy soul into the world, G-d brought respite (Noach) to the world. Certain deficiencies and harshness that the world had been thrown into were now mitigated. E.g. the Earth stopped churning out weeds and thorns, and Noach introduced the plow – this was a 'grace' and reprieve, bringing awesome relief and bounty to the world.

Finding this new grace, the people did not react properly – accordingly. Instead of adapting to the goodness, responding with thanksgiving and a movement towards mirroring this Divine largesse, the people sought to chase more and more bounty. They even began to worship stars and constellations in order to draw more bounty their way.

Father Abraham was a complete novelty – not only did he not partake in the obsession of hording more his way, he despised it, and he actually stood up to combat it full force, raising himself in his full appreciation of the Providence of G-d, Abraham began to give of himself and his portion to others. Abraham thus was crowned the King of the World – “Av Hamon Goyim”.

In our days, the world has seen grace unparalleled in the history of man. Poverty has been reduced and in many places redefined. Life has taken on a form of luxury, with electricity and plumbing. Civil rights of each person have been established and upheld in a way that has no precedence. On the other hand, never in history was there such an unwonted lack of will to live, people who have been blessed with so much free time and sovereignty find their lives completely barren and empty of meaning, a greater majority of the population is addicted to some substance, a terrible percentage commit suicide, we are witness to serial killers and similar craziness, as the world suffers in a flood of agnosticism and atheism.

Rabbi Nachman was born 4 years before the American Revolution, the advent entrance of his soul ushers into the world a spirit of freedom, independence, and autonomy. The world exists now in the paradigm of Rabbi Nachman's soul, this is a very powerful and pressured setting – potential is infinite, but it demands the presence of mind to adhere to the guide and example Rabbi Nachman has set. When the world is ignorant and ignores the directed illumination of Rabbi Nachman it is flooded with the confrontation of a magnitude of abundance they have no ability to inculcate, and like feeding a baby to much milk it chokes them. One hundred years after Rabbi Nachman's passing the world erupted in an explosive flood of blood, murdering tens of millions of people. The teachings, the light of Nachman was darkened.

In 1922, after the world had sunken to this new post-flood era, Rabbi Nachman, with great difficulty, shined his light anew, in the form of the holy Petek – note, to give us new life, direction, and focus. [This is what Saba said that the holy Petek has all the colors – because it is the aspect of the rainbow – which G-d showed as a sign of faith after the flood]. Those fortunate to follow the directions of the Petek are setting the course for a new way, which is in fact the old way of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses, David, Yosef, and Shlomo, to illuminate the Goodness of G-d in the world. To bring respite and happiness to all the creation, shining in them the satiating Divine light, celebrating the bounty and grace which G-d has bestowed. The Petek assures us that Messiah is still going to come and the whole world will be happy, they will all be simple-straightforward-chaste.

Although there is obvious need to continue rectifying the world, and advancing our modes of existence, this should not be our defining function. First and foremost, each and everyone of us should have their own unique defining character, how they shine, sparkle, and radiate in the own relationship with G-d, and only as a result of this fulfillment should they extend themselves to further enhance their surroundings, or even in the reverse – i.e. people can set out to bring betterment to other and through this they will gain their own personality. This is what is needed, not politicians nor scientists, just simple-straightforward honest development. To see the good in others and in our selves, and to flare up and stoke that good, and build up more good. More happiness, more excitement, more goodness. This is the holy way of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

This message is very clear, today it seems obvious, but in 1922 it was unfathomable. The world had not the vessels to see people abound just dance and celebrating the goodness of G-d. The Petek says, that its understanding is contingent on the strengthening of our devotion, and the main devotion is faith. After experiencing the holocaust, communism and the cold war, and the zionist regime, and still staying strong in our belief in the Goodness of G-d, we have built the vessels for the message of the Petek. Today, the world has the ability and the appreciation of standing up to do what is right, just because it is the right thing! This is a true novelty befitting of the People of the Holy Petek.

The New Nanach Political Party for the Knesset desires to promote this message. It wishes to enter the Knesset and strengthen anyone and any idea that is there for the better, to encourage the pursuit of good, and to unite positive components. Politicians and politics have a tendency to make things complicated, the Nanach party believes that even a simple person is entitled to full understanding of what it is they are dishing out to him, and so what ever the issue might be, it should be broken down and explained soundly so that it can be understood straight-out, and thus be acceptable. For this reason even though the members of the new Nanach party might not be educated in all the field necessary, this should not be a deterrent for their success. What ever the issues might be, the Nanach wish to give them their proper attention, and with honesty, truth, and intelligence figure them out, and decide on the best course to take. In this way, the Nanach are certain the G-d will shine His approval and consent on all its engagements, decisions, and resolutions. G-d will bless the Nanach, Israel, and the entire world.

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