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Monday, December 17, 2012

Recollections of Saba - never get angry

Recently a “breslov” magazine (nitzotzos – under the auspices of a mss) interviewed Saba's son-in-law Mr. Shefer. They included some rare photos and a letter that Saba wrote to his friend R' Shmuel Horowitz two years before receiving the Petek (1920, 1922). Mr. Shefer recalls how Saba never ever got angry, and was very particular that one should never ever get angry at another Jew – Saba once reprimanded him, telling him, that one never know what the other Jew might be undergoing etc, so therefore one has to always be there to elevate his friend in the light of favorable judgment. Mr. Shefer once stopped for me when I was hitching to the Ramchal, and gave me a ride, on the way he stopped to buy a pita from a woman on the street, he asked me if I cared for it, he had only bought it to give the woman some income. Mr. Shefer's son, Gil, is the Chief of Staff for Bibi Nitanyahu. May H”Y bless the Shefer's!

 There is much more to discuss about the article B"H.

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Anonymous said...

May Kodesh Boruch bless Gil...He's been there by a Divine decree.NNNNM!