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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nachman=49, Nosson=50

Being that today - Asara B'Teves - is the Yahrzeit of the Moharanat, Rabbi Nosson Sternhartz of Breslov, Rabbeinu's top Chosid and recorder of his teachings, it is a most noteworthy time to mention something about the names of these two whose name both begin and end with the letter Noon, which is the numerical value of 50.

Now, let us do something a little unique.  Let us note the letters of their names in relationship to the number position of the 22 letters of the Aleph Beis.  Hence, in Rabbeinu's name - Nachman, Noon is the 14th letter, Cheis-8th letter, Mem-13th letter, Noon-14th letter.  Add the four numbers 14+8+13+14=49.  And for Rabbi Nosson - Noon-14th letter, Tav/Sav-22th letter, Noon-14th letter.  Add the three numbers 14+22+14=50.

While wondering how the number 49 as related to Rabbeinu's name has to do with the number 50, let's turn to where in the Torah we are commanded with the Mitzva of Sephiras HaOmer "You shall count...from bringing the Omer, they shall be seven complete shall count 50 days".  Now, we actually count 49 days, so why don't we listen to the Torah that tells us to count 50 days, just because it says that "they shall be seven complete weeks"?

The answer is pretty much in the question.  You see, if we indeed count seven COMPLETE weeks, not just in the physical sense of counting the Sephira - though we obviously have to fulfill the literal meaning of this in the physical sense, but ultimately in the spiritual sense, that we are complete pure from spiritual impurities following seven complete weeks, the same way that a Nida counts seven days, which is immediately followed by her going to the Mikva, we have in essence counted 50 days, for by our spiritual purification through seven COMPLETE weeks, we then enter the 50th level of purity, ready to receive the Torah.  This seems to be hinted to by the fact that the Torah states U'Sfartem "YOU shall complete weeks",  followed by Tisperu "they shall count".  Wait a minute!  Didn't I just say earlier "YOU shall count 50 days"?  But, the literal meaning of the verse is actually THEY shall count, which is to say that we have to do our part of counting 49 complete days, and if we do so, then automatically, they - the 49 days - will be counted actually as 50 days by Hashem, for on the 50th day "YOU shall offer a new meal offering to Hashem".

So in fact, while the letters of Rabbeinu's name in position of the numbering of the 22 letters of the Aleph Beis adds up to 49; in its deep essence, it is 50.  But in a literal sense, Rabbeinu is related to 49, for as we see, his first wife was Niftar on Erev Shavuos, the 49th day of the Sephira.  And speaking of counting the 49 days, we count the 12 months - though not per se as the Mitzva of counting like Sephiras HaOmer - from Nisson, beginning these 12 months from Rosh Chodesh Nisson - the birthday of Rabbeinu!

In a similar parallel, as mentioned in Breslov Chasidus, there are 49 letters in the names of the 12 Shevotim, paralleling the 49 gates of Teshuva.  And as mentioned, even if Teshuva may seem to be beyond the reach of some Jews, Tehillim is what breaks the barrier between oneself and Teshuva.  And in formal times, Sefer Tehillim used to be 147 Psalms, a multiple of 49.  However, over time, it became divided into 150 Psalms, which is a multiple of 50, just as in other contexts, there are 50 letters to the names of the 12 Shevotim, as sometimes, the name Binyomin is spelled with only one Yud, while at other times, it is spelled with two Yuds.  Moreover, Dovid HaMelech, author and compiler of Tehillim, was born and Niftor on Shavuos, the 50th day.

Having mentioned this, we see that is was Rabbeinu's main Talmid, Rabbi Nosson, who not only wrote down his teachings, but disseminated them, being the bridge between Rabbeinu and the rest of Klal Yisroel - Asher NOSSAN Lonu Toras Emes - "Who has given us the Torah of truth", which officially began on Shavuos - the FIFTIETH day at Matan Torah, the final phase of which began with Rabbi Nosson publicly spreading Rabbeinu's teachings to the masses.  And indeed, Rabbi Nosson was Niftar in the year Hei-Torah-Reish-Hei (5605), which can be read as HaTorah - just without the letter Vav, but can be read vocalized just the same, the Torah in its final form before Bias HaMoshiach in the form of Breslov Chasidus.  And the Gematria of name of his magnum opus - Likutei Halochos - is the same Gematria as the word HaTorah as normally spelled - 616, which by the way, is also the same Gematria as the name Yisro, the name of the Parsha in which the Torah was officially given to Klal Yisroel.

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mordecai spiro said...

Great blog! 51 is the Petek and Nanach is 354 (7x50 in four words).

51 words in the Petek and 3x 17 etc..

Why is this SOOO relevant.

I insist on saying on this fast day!

Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman is

the only one that can possibly

reach all the way down to this

generation. He can only do it

because of the Petek (51).