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Monday, December 17, 2012

My movie project from the eight day of Hannukka

I'm going to make a MOVIE  about this woman called Ruth Cohen, who is uncovering perverts here in Jerusalem to save the children of American Jewish families.
That is not permanent solution however, so I am also bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem with the NEW POLITICAL PARTY we have formed called Together Na Nach.
I was busy on the 8th day of Hannukka preparing this MOVIE  while many of my friends went
to bury a young man I know (knew) that jumped off the roof like his mother did several years ago, she jumped 5 stories, and he jumped 13 stories, what a scoop...
....I hope you got all emotional about that.
My idea is to make a MOVIE about this with my son.  In the MOVIE we bring Rabbi Nachman by using this new political party. We bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem because you can't stop Niuf without changing the brains of men and women.  That's why we NEED Rabbi Nachman, he teaches how to undo the disease.
If you think this is not relevant look up the number of monthly clicks for the words:
Niuf (1600000), money(600000), food(350000), women(250000)
Check yourself, but you get the point
(even other bad words gets 46 000, more then you get a month)
So licking the PERVERTS is GOOD MARKETING (good money). That is what Rabbi Nachman is all about.
We can take over this Political Party through me and you have a platform in the Kenesset to speak to the world about THIS ISSUE from! The price to take over this political party is only 20 000 Nis. I don't know how much the MOVIE would cost, but my son and I are doing that, so that is an optional added investment.
More expensive then a Mont Blanc but better R.O.I.i!/._ +


IlaN-ach said...
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IlaN-ach said...

it sounds like a good idea to me.
changing the brain, its potentialities for focus, by giving it some healing context, rebbeinu. rebbeinu can empower the weak who otherwise cannot fight the yezter. the more the collective yetzer wins, the more korbanot are forced, as nothing is free, and the buck you pass, eventually gets paid for somehow by someone - its like playing russian roulette (playing with mikreh - raping the shekhinah), and like placing a stumbling block before a blind person. rebbeinu can help the jews transcend the intergalactic war for chi/power/control/shlitah/focus and reunite the fragments into the singularity - appropriate tribal division - unity / appropriate use of desire - integrated heart with mind in service of the singularity/ein od milvado. Teshuvah is everything. Living in constant teshuvah, Hadash tamid, is to constantly be aligned with heaven, being a force which strengthens the unity between heaven and earth, maintains this world / supports it like the Torah maintains physicality, fulfilling tehillim "ascribe (give!) might (ohz) to Hashem (YKW-H) = reveal the shekhinah, for all might is his anyway, all we do is reveal it - unifying his name.

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