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Monday, December 17, 2012

Miracles of the holy Petek

At the third meal of Shabos, which I conducted in Gabai's dining room, I sat at the last table. The days in Uman are extra short, only a few hours ago we had finished a very full lunch, and it was already time for the third meal. Gabai had all types of salads, and I was feasting, when an older man sits at the table, and he keeps asking obsequiously if there is fish. Finally, when I had more than enough, I told him with great conviction - “everything is in merit of the Petek!” So the guy say, “so then in the merit of the Petek let there be fish.” Not even a few minutes past, and a guy comes right to us, how he got through the whole dining room untouched I haven't a clue (usually – a pan 10 times the size wouldn't make it very far before being finished off by the occupants of the surrounding tables), and presents us with a pan of excellent baked salmon!
After Shabos, by the holy tomb, I was considering telling over this miracle to some friends, but was certain, and just then the guy makes his appearance to the holy tomb. So it was obvious that the Petek wanted the story to be known.

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