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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

G-d Bless the Chinese Government!

China has been heavily subsidizing the SOLAR PANEL industry.
Because now, the Californian power companies are raising the utility fees saying that too many SOLAR PANEL owners are excluded from paying for the grid and as a result, they have to raise electricity rates to pay the SOLAR PANEL owners for their electricity.
First, please leave the solar panel owners alone, the local grid which is the only one they use, is paid for by local taxes, not by power bills.  These homes are powering themselves and their neighbors, everything they use is theirs to start with.
The main power grid which represents 66% loss of energy in the high tension wires is the problem of those who refuse to install solar panels.
If you really need to lower the price of electricity, it is simple and very possible. Supply and demand, the supply has increased so prices have dropped, increase demand and the price will rise again. By encouraging the ELECTRIC CAR, demand for power will increase and so will the prices, the delight of the energy companies.
Electric cars heat less and make less noise(only one moving part in the motor). ELECTRIC CAR use 66% less energy to move then their dirty counterparts (traditional fossil fuel consumers). That's 90% less energy bring used to move around if you have your own SOLAR PANEL.  Is that cheaper? Imagine you have a horse that eats ten times less then your neighbors, who is going to get the job? G-d bless Chinese SOLAR PANELS! The place in Europe with the best policy for electric cars is Oslo the European oil capital. So money doesn't necessarily corrupt. Please offer yourself a treat: an ELECTRIC CAR and SOLAR PANELS. Until the government puts in measures to counteract the power lobbies, I promise you, you can pay for this out of the 10% you give to charity before taking your pay home. Once the ELECTRIC CAR industry is out of it's babyhood, do not forget to go back to giving your charity the normal way.  I think David Wood would say the problem is not the power lobbies, it's the depressed under-paid journalists!

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