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Thursday, December 20, 2012

blossoms of the spring letter 73

Please G-d 28 (strength) of Iyar 5723 this is the day that G-d made, sing and rejoice on it.
For his Honor, President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shneer Zalman Shazar, the excellent by the grander of his precious and saving soul, that was collected from a holy source, from the great ones of Israel,  pillars of the Torah, may their memories be for a blessing. That focused his understanding and his heart to hear the voice of G-d calling to him in a loud voice each day that he should hurry himself with great haste to the true saint that has the power of attraction to bring the whole world to the blessed Lord.  A good sign and good fate for a blessing for life and peace without end for you and your household and all that is yours.
When one of Israel receives honors, and Kingship, he then needs a great effort and a great fight, to overcome it with a brazen and powerful voice like a strong and brave fighter to nullify his glory as if it were nothing and truly dust by comparison to the Lord, and not to use any of this honor for his needs and his gratification and not to take for himself any of the honor, that the Kingship shouldn't with him as a slave to fulfill his lusts, G-d forbid, only to raise the honor and the throne which he has for the blessed Lord, so that thanks to the honor and throne, will be revealed and will rise the glory of G-d and the Glory of the true Saint, that brings everything to G-d, even those that are very far, those that are far away, soiled and lost, that fell into the deepest hell, and below endlessly and unfathomably, he raises them and attaches them from the depths of this vast void - above, above high like the mountains of the G-d,  that because of that precisely, grows in value the honor of G-d the most in all the worlds.
Praise and exult the salvation of G-d and awesome Kindnesses, that he wheeled and turned in his great and wondrous mercy, that you were chosen to be president of the State. After five years went by, that you merited to renew and grow in the holy and awesome garden of life of the true Saint, the new light, the very hidden rare and evasive, he the the essence of life, that renewed wondrous and great novelties, miracle of miracles inscrutable, that were never revealed, in order to sustain us on a day like today, also in the ultimate of ultimate bitter and total obscurity of these generations of ours, at the end of this final and bitter exile when Israel is lost now after the vanity of buffon's those that are wise in their own eyes that drive them away from G-d and his holy Torah, through the defiled and contaminated lies of the deniers and false faiths, G-d have mercy.

Brother, brother, my heart and my flesh, you you already arrived the moment and the hour that you deepen your thoughts to think about and to search with your whole soul to extract and to act upon the sayings of your good heart that is glowing like a fire to the center of the skies, to have mercy on Israel with great and true compassion greater then all other compassions, to en-light in their hearts the light of the Saint that illuminates from one end of the world to the other, and to announce and advertise in the world that their can be found today with us a true and awesome sage and you can postulate that there never has been one like him before that can revitalize all the fallen spirits that multiplied like they did in these generations.
Upon us to be happy and to dance with a full heart with great joy that we merited to know about this business of our eternal reparation for all generations. And "oy va voy" to those that refute and oppose themselves to this endeavor to repair their souls at all times. Even though they oppose the way they oppose and burst out as they burst out, in spite of this, in the end of all ends the truth will be revealed that he is the essential part of the completion of the truth.
The compiler and the arranger, that preaches for your peace and salvation at all times now and in the future, blessing you blessings that raise you and a kosher and happy holiday of redemption and healing for our souls. He who is waiting eagerly to see you today to rejoice with us together in our Happiness..

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