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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


To BLOG YOURSELF every day, you need to regurgitate your notes, or log the events of the day, a journal, the French word for newspaper.
That's one kind of BLOG, from Web log to we  BLOG! Just as there has been a shift in the words web log to we BLOG, so has their been a shift in meaning and I want to make the most of it here.
The subject you should really know about is you.  David Wood makes it clear that people are interested (attracted) in people that are experts apparently because they can inform them about their expertise "attracted like bees to honey".
Is it possible then, that if you are enough of an expert on yourself, you will attract others because they are actually interested in truth, even if that means: you?
You really shouldn't be doing this for others so much, don't you want to be an expert on yourself, aren't you worth it? Can you think of a better subject for you to BLOG, then to BLOG YOURSELF?
Don't call me narcissistic, this is part of not being a victim. A victim (vict...-tim.) is so busy looking out
for foreign threats that he ceases to develop on an individual basis (and becomes part of a regiment).
This is the principle of regimentation. Forming battalions of people that look the same way at the same thing and react the same way. That is not what I call "group culture". I like David Wood's take on BLOG better, not to regurgitate the days notes.  I say, to go deep into yourself and find out what is really there.  Others find this unique and valid information useful, for what ever reason.  Just BLOG YOURSELF.
This is the direction that I am going to take this BLOG, in the hope that in the words of Rabbi Na Nach ("Blossoms_of_the_Spring" volume III lesson 300)
"truth grows like a seed, giving branches eventually fruits (it is unstoppable in it's strength)".
I guess the novelty here is not to be an encyclopedic generalist, but to focus on what you can be the biggest expert on.  I hope that would be you.  Let's "be real".
If we are real, that will be a real BLOG, and perhaps you can only really BLOG YOURSELF!

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