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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Better B a Na Nach what ever you are!

Everything about this holiday has to do with eight, even Hashmonaim the family was called The EIGHTS!  That's the family name.  Now you know that 88 is code for Hell Hitler, if you didn't know ask an old GI, what was written on the walls left after the bombing of Berlin.  Now the oil of Hannukka was contained in a Pach or "tin" the word Pach is 80+8 or 88 EIGHTY EIGHT!  When they broke the tin to find one days' worth of holy oil for the temple that was desecrated by idol worshipers (perverts) that one days worth burned for EIGHT days! Exactly the time it takes to make new oil, also eight days! Oil in Hebrew is name "N".  Half of EIGHTY EIGHT or 44 is the number of candles burnt during the whole holiday! There are 4 N's when the name Nachman is written in full Na Nach Nachma Nachman when you understand that N in Hebrew looks like L then you understand that it is the Swastika that is being broken in four--> precisely the way Shmuel sliced Agag (the Amalekite King) in four, now you know why!
Now his name is Na Nach is written SHMO-na Na CH or EIGHT (50) EIGHT where 50 is the gate of miracles and of Kingship [Na  is also 51 or 3x17].  The "noun" reaches to the lowest levels and pulls up to the highest spheres.
The way to the redemption is to bring two brothers back together in this world.  In the next world, their disputes have already been settled.  Both brothers are sons of Isaac and Rivka, and each is King in his trade.  I believe this can and will be done to the benefit of mankind and to the benefit of the two brothers themselves.  Combining forces they will nullify the perverts, and will live truly successful lives.  I wonder if all this has to do with what they ate and what they hate?  They did eat bread, after having thrown Josef in the pit out of which they had taken the loot.  We all need to take a close look at ourselves, if we want to make the world a better place, and avoid another flood or black plague.

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