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Monday, December 31, 2012

B"H a new Nanach song

This is in Hebrew but I really like it B"H.
free download:

The lyrics are from last weeks parsha - the brothers tell Yosef that their father Yakov told them to tell Yosef that he should forgive them, and Yosef says, there's nothing to fear....

כה תאמרו ליוסף אנא שא נא פשע אחיך וחטאתם כי רעה גמלוך.

ויאמר אלהם יוסף אל תיראו כי התחת אלהים אני.

ואתם חשבתם עלי רעה אלהים חשבה לטבה למען עשה כיום הזה להחית עם רב

BH another big month for the music site

B"H usually gives out about 10 GIG of free music a month, this month we are looking at almost 30 GIG B"H, close to the highest.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Parchment and Ink

הלכות ערב ד:ז

When a Jew wraps himself with a tallis and puts on tefillin he draws upon himself the holiness of the parchment and  ink of a sefer Torah.  And, when he davens and reads Krias Shema it is as if he writes and etches the letters of the Torah in ink upon the parchment.  This kedusha is then whole and complete - that is - the writing of a sefer Torah, which contains everything.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

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posted on: 12/25/2012 9:01:37 PM EST
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This only applies when you realize that the challenge isn't here to take you out. The challenge comes to strengthen you. It's all in the way you look at it. Everything is a matter of perspective. You must continue to have positive reinforcements around when you're going after your dreams. There will be days that you feel like throwing in the towel but you can't. You must visualize yourself on the other side of your dreams looking back. Once you've had a taste of what you can achieve you won't settle for anything less. And you shouldn't have to. To really be fulfilled you have to be rich all the way around. That means in your pocket as well as in your mind and spirit. If you are not striving to be all that you can be you won't be satisfied. As aforementioned, we are born into this world with the potential and ability to be and do anything. There is a part of you that is destined for greatness and when that potential isn't realized or fulfilled you feel miserable. A great deal of your everyday stress is due to the fact that you're not living your dream. If you're not doing what you were purposed to do then you can't ever really be satisfied. That's why I say it's not only about money. There are wealthy people who are not happy. They seek solace in alcohol, men, women, or other vices, trying to fill a void that money can't buy. We all have a purpose. You must realize what it is and go after it with all that you have. Never give up on your dreams. Obstacles will arise but overcome them with the right attitude. Don't see yourself as not having the resources to advance but become resourceful and creative. Keep going and always try again.

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Thomas Zinsavage   8 hour(s) ago   
Staying at it is key.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BH a new Nanach presentation in response to Bibi Netanyahu's new campaign "there's only one Petek" - yes we know!!!! Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

With the help of G-d, 26th of Eloul,5732,

In honor of the President of Israel, my life and my heart, Mr. Shner Zalman Shazar, who G-d rejoices in and glorifies himself with, and placed the crown of Kingship upon is head, and gave him kingship over Israel, so that he would have mercy on them and will try with all his might, with self sacrifice to put together the people of Israel and "the flowing source (of wisdom)", the new light, the amazing wonder that lowers himself to the deepest depth to salvage and extract all the lives from there, and raises them up over all the skies.  A good and blessed year, life blessing peace and healing, amen.

A song of love, a song of togetherness, a song of thanksgiving I sing to you, my life and my heart, with love and great affection because I found grace and mercy in your good heart in awesome revelations and a long and drawn out battle strong and hard with Knesset Member M. Peroush until you were able to make him accept that I would have a place to rest, a holy place to do my divine services, Torah and prayer and communication with G-d and meditation before G-d.  Happy is your part that you merited something great and big like this, certainly a share like this share he will have with me in the work that I do for G-d in this world and in the next.

How very sad I am for you, brother, my friend, for the greatness of your sorrow from the dieses ?. I feel your sorrow to the depths of my heart, because your sorrow is my sorrow.  I pray constantly with each prayer and each moment the will for your peace and good in body and spirit, and especially now that I heard today about the sickness of your precious wife, I make efforts with all my might to pray for her speedy recovery, lord of mercy have mercy on Rachel daughter of Zalda and he should send his words and heal her quickly, and he should add to you years of good and healthy life, and you should merit to witness shortly the splendor of the revelation of the light of truth, the new light (N.N.) that is greater then all the great lights that were and that will be.

Please leave a comment about this letter (it's the first rosh hashana after ebay ha nachal was printed)

Monday, December 24, 2012

New Music Video for the Nanach Politcal Party

False Leaders

Rabbainu and Saba revealed, warned, and waged war on the false leaders. These false leaders are not necessarily worthless people, they are often the most knowledgeable and upright of the generation, yet they are completely in opposition to the Will of HY. This can be learned from Shimi Ben Gaira who was the Rebbe (teacher) of Shlomo Hamelech (King Solomon - wisest of all men), our Sages revealed that as long as Shimi was alive King Solomon had fear of HY and didn't sin, only after his rebbe - Shimi, passed away did King Solomon begin to deviate slightly from the proper way. Thus we see that Shimi was an awesome personage. Yet it is Shimi who cursed out King David - rebelling against the anointed Chosen of G-d! and King David on his deathbed ordered King Solomon to bring about the death of Shimi.

It is thus important for us simple people to learn to differentiate and compartmentalize - to respect the knowledge and fear of G-d apparent in some leading Rabbis, and at the same time to have completely no regard of their "political" opinions and stance, to have lucic understanding of great clarity, that these rabbis, as long as they are promoting their titles and positions without full abnegation to the holy Petek of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman are mamash like Korach and Shimi, who were very G-d fearing and knowledgeable but openly campaigned against the Will of HY! may H"Y save us from this.

Yosef Hatzadik

Josef is called Yosef Hatzadik - the righteous, on account of his mastering over his temptations when he was tested with the wife of his ruler Poteifera. Even still our holy Sages revealed that 10 drops of seed escaped from Yosef, these seeds had the potential of being another 10 tribes, and so Yosef's two sons, Efraim and Menashe were given the status of tribes, and had he held back the wasted seed, he would have had another 10 tribes, just like Yakov his father (who never had any wasted seed what-so-ever). These wasted seed sent great holy souls into deep unholiness, and such great souls as the Ten Martyrs (Rabbi Akiva and his contemporaries)  were murdered in order to atone and free these holy souls. The Arizal revealed that many other great Sages had to be killed for this purpose.

The question is, Yosef was only 18 years old when this occurred, and he lived another 90 years afterwards with great piety and holiness, certainly he was aware of the damage he had caused, why didn't he rectify it. From here we can gain an impression of the severity of sin, it isn't so simple to just rectify the damage of sin (even still today when we repent it is very very special, because of the total devoid of holiness today, when a person actually repents, this is very very special and powerful).

There is another factor to reckon why Yosef didn't rectify the ten seeds. There was a great Tzadik in the time of Rabbainu, who Rabbainu considered the real thing, one of the first admurs (hasidic masters) to conduct a court with royalty, R' Shalom Shachne (the father of R' Yisroel Rhizhiner), R' Shalom Shachne said of himself that he had no time to repent, he was to busy serving HY on a higher paradigm.  He gave a parable to a high ranking minister of a King who does very valuable services for the King and can not be bothered with small infractions which might hinder his missions.

This concept is something very deep, and does not pertain to most people. In fact Moshe Rabbainu himself is called in the Zohar - Murra Ditiyuvta - the Baal Teshuva - the Master of Repentance. Repentance is very very high. Even still we have a glimpse at great Tzadikim who had devotions of HY above our comprehension. Such was the life of Yosef Haztzadik who was serving HY for 90 years in ways we can't fathom. (also pertinent to this discussion is what Rabbi Nussun writes regarding the repentance of Adam, that although he was not successful at restoring the world to it's state before the sin, he brought great rectification making it much easier for subsequent generations of Tzadikim).

Today we have the Holy Petek, we are most fortunate, fortunate are those who grasp the Holy Petek of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

HH vote for/with/by Joy!

Nachman=49, Nosson=50

Being that today - Asara B'Teves - is the Yahrzeit of the Moharanat, Rabbi Nosson Sternhartz of Breslov, Rabbeinu's top Chosid and recorder of his teachings, it is a most noteworthy time to mention something about the names of these two whose name both begin and end with the letter Noon, which is the numerical value of 50.

Now, let us do something a little unique.  Let us note the letters of their names in relationship to the number position of the 22 letters of the Aleph Beis.  Hence, in Rabbeinu's name - Nachman, Noon is the 14th letter, Cheis-8th letter, Mem-13th letter, Noon-14th letter.  Add the four numbers 14+8+13+14=49.  And for Rabbi Nosson - Noon-14th letter, Tav/Sav-22th letter, Noon-14th letter.  Add the three numbers 14+22+14=50.

While wondering how the number 49 as related to Rabbeinu's name has to do with the number 50, let's turn to where in the Torah we are commanded with the Mitzva of Sephiras HaOmer "You shall count...from bringing the Omer, they shall be seven complete shall count 50 days".  Now, we actually count 49 days, so why don't we listen to the Torah that tells us to count 50 days, just because it says that "they shall be seven complete weeks"?

The answer is pretty much in the question.  You see, if we indeed count seven COMPLETE weeks, not just in the physical sense of counting the Sephira - though we obviously have to fulfill the literal meaning of this in the physical sense, but ultimately in the spiritual sense, that we are complete pure from spiritual impurities following seven complete weeks, the same way that a Nida counts seven days, which is immediately followed by her going to the Mikva, we have in essence counted 50 days, for by our spiritual purification through seven COMPLETE weeks, we then enter the 50th level of purity, ready to receive the Torah.  This seems to be hinted to by the fact that the Torah states U'Sfartem "YOU shall complete weeks",  followed by Tisperu "they shall count".  Wait a minute!  Didn't I just say earlier "YOU shall count 50 days"?  But, the literal meaning of the verse is actually THEY shall count, which is to say that we have to do our part of counting 49 complete days, and if we do so, then automatically, they - the 49 days - will be counted actually as 50 days by Hashem, for on the 50th day "YOU shall offer a new meal offering to Hashem".

So in fact, while the letters of Rabbeinu's name in position of the numbering of the 22 letters of the Aleph Beis adds up to 49; in its deep essence, it is 50.  But in a literal sense, Rabbeinu is related to 49, for as we see, his first wife was Niftar on Erev Shavuos, the 49th day of the Sephira.  And speaking of counting the 49 days, we count the 12 months - though not per se as the Mitzva of counting like Sephiras HaOmer - from Nisson, beginning these 12 months from Rosh Chodesh Nisson - the birthday of Rabbeinu!

In a similar parallel, as mentioned in Breslov Chasidus, there are 49 letters in the names of the 12 Shevotim, paralleling the 49 gates of Teshuva.  And as mentioned, even if Teshuva may seem to be beyond the reach of some Jews, Tehillim is what breaks the barrier between oneself and Teshuva.  And in formal times, Sefer Tehillim used to be 147 Psalms, a multiple of 49.  However, over time, it became divided into 150 Psalms, which is a multiple of 50, just as in other contexts, there are 50 letters to the names of the 12 Shevotim, as sometimes, the name Binyomin is spelled with only one Yud, while at other times, it is spelled with two Yuds.  Moreover, Dovid HaMelech, author and compiler of Tehillim, was born and Niftor on Shavuos, the 50th day.

Having mentioned this, we see that is was Rabbeinu's main Talmid, Rabbi Nosson, who not only wrote down his teachings, but disseminated them, being the bridge between Rabbeinu and the rest of Klal Yisroel - Asher NOSSAN Lonu Toras Emes - "Who has given us the Torah of truth", which officially began on Shavuos - the FIFTIETH day at Matan Torah, the final phase of which began with Rabbi Nosson publicly spreading Rabbeinu's teachings to the masses.  And indeed, Rabbi Nosson was Niftar in the year Hei-Torah-Reish-Hei (5605), which can be read as HaTorah - just without the letter Vav, but can be read vocalized just the same, the Torah in its final form before Bias HaMoshiach in the form of Breslov Chasidus.  And the Gematria of name of his magnum opus - Likutei Halochos - is the same Gematria as the word HaTorah as normally spelled - 616, which by the way, is also the same Gematria as the name Yisro, the name of the Parsha in which the Torah was officially given to Klal Yisroel.

11th Parsha Linked to Saba's 11th Lined Petek

Having just read Parshas Vayigash this Shabbos, there are quite a few hints in this Parsha to Saba and the Petek.  As we can see, Parshas Vayigash, the 11th Parsha of the Torah, is highlighted with Yosef, the 11th of the 12 Tribes, revealing himself to his brothers who didn't recognize him after a 22 year separation.

Accordingly, after several days of depression from the morning of 17 Tammuz, the Petek is revealed to Saba.  This Petek consists of 11 lines.  It begins with the word Me'od (very much).  And indeed, the very last word of this 11th Parsha of the Torah is Me'od!

But it isn't just the last word of the Parsha that is related to the Petek, it is the last Posuk of this Parsha.  You see, this Parsha consists of 106 verses, and Saba passed away in his 106th year.  Now, what is this 106th and final Posuk of Parshas Vayigash?   "Yisroel lived in the land of Egypt, in the land of Goshen, and they took possession of it, and they were fruitful, and they multiplied very much".  Indeed, Saba's first name is Yisroel.  This is aside from the fact that there are 11 words to this Posuk.

But here is a question.  Does Yisroel in this Posuk refer to Ya'akov, or to his children/descendants?  You see, usually when the Torah refers to the Jews, they are referred to as B'nei Yisroel, even as early as the Gid HaNoshe incident with Ya'akov.  But here, it doesn't seem to make much sense that Yisroel refers to Ya'akov per se, since the verse continues speaking in the plural form.  But this is how the verse goes - "Yisroel lived", which is in the singular form as Vayeishev rather than Vayeishvu, and then it continues "THEY took possession of it, THEY were fruitful, THEY multiplied".  So, why is the Posuk worded as such beginning with the singular form and ending with the plural form, unless Yisroel does refer to Ya'akov which would still raise a question as to why the verse changes from him to his children if they were all at the same place.

You would think that Rashi, the prime Peirush on the Torah who is most concerned about the simple meaning of the verse, would be bothered by the way that this Posuk is worded, but he seems to be more concerned to note that Goshen is part of Mitzrayim.  So, no doubt then, that there is a very good reason why the Posuk begins saying the word Yisroel, rather than B'nei Yisroel, and in the singular form.  Hence, this is even more proof that this is hinting especially to Saba - Rabbi Yisroel Odesser, who passed away in his 106th year, being hinted in this 106th and last Posuk of the 11th Parsha that consists of 11 words, and ends with the word Me'od, the very first word of the 11 line Petek!

Moreover, as the Posuk speaks of Yisroel living in Mitzrayim, the revelation of the Petek took place during the Bein HaMetzarim; the letters of the word Metzarim being spelled exactly as the word Mitzrayim, and the 17th of Tammuz, the beginning of this period, is the very date that is mentioned in the 11th and last line of the Petek!

Now, it gets more interesting.  You see, in the Sefer Torah, there are either three or nine letter spaces between one Parsha and the next.  However, there is only one place in the entire Sefer Torah where there is only one letter spacing between one Parsha and the next.  You guessed it - there is only one letter spacing between Parshas Vayigash and Parshas Vayech - the 12th Parsha, noting that the Gematria of Saba's second name Dov is 12 (which is supposed to be spelled with a Vav in the middle).  And what is the beginning verse of Parshas Vayechi?  It mentions Ya'akov's 17 years in Mitzrayim and his 147 years of life.  As related to 17 Tammuz - the beginning of the Bein HaMeitzarim period, aside from Ya'akov's 17 years in Mitzrayim, this first verse of this new Parsha which is most close to the previous Parsha that hints to Saba and the Petek - consists of 17 words!

As for Ya'akov's 147 years, we see a parallel in Maseches Sofrim which notes that parallel to these years are the 147 Psalms of Tehillim.  But wait a minute!  We see 150 Psalms in virtually every existent Tehillim.  The answer is that at one time, it was indeed 147 Psalms, but became divided differently over time to be 150 Psalms today.  But the reason that I mention this is because the seventh line of the Petek - Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman - the Gematria is...well, that depends on how we read the word Me'uman.  You see, the letter Aleph in this word looks a little different than the other Alephs in the Petek, because the letter Vav looks like it is part of the letter Aleph, and hence, unlike the usual spelling of word Uman which would make the Gematria of this line 491, the word Me'uman without the Vav would make the Gematria of this line 485, and in fact, this is the very Gematria of the word Tehillim!  And as I heard from a Nanach, noting this phenomenon, the Gematria of the word Sefer and Shem (name) is the same - 340, and hence, the Gematriot of Sefer Tehillim and Shem (name of) Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman are the very same!  Indeed, the powers of mentioning the name of the Tzadik are like the powers of saying Sefer Tehillim, and that is the ultimate purpose of the Sefer Shemos HaTzadkim.

Now, having mentioned that the SEVENTH line of the Petek is the Gematria of the word Tehillim, dividing the number 147 - the original amount of psalms of Tehillim - by SEVEN,  yields 21, and there are 21 days of Bein HaMeitzarim until Tisha B'Av.  And as for including Tisha B'Av as the last of the 22 days of this saddest period in the Jewish calendar, Ya'akov was the 22th generation from Adam & Chava, and the Mitzva of Gid HaNoshe, which resulted from Ya'akov's thigh being injured by Esav's angel, represents the day of Tisha B'Av, the 22nd and final day of this sad period.  And then, just as Ya'akov was away from his parents for 22 years (aside from 14 years of Torah study), he was similarly separated from Yosef his 11th son, for 22 years.  In fact, the first two years of famine during which the Tribes came to Mitzarayim, the last of the 22 year separation of Ya'akov and Yosef, correspond to Erev Tisha B'Av and Tisha B'Av.  And it is only at the conclusion of this 22 year period, at the end of the year corresponding to Tisha B'Av, that Yosef reveals himself to his brothers.

In contrast, the revelation of the Petek to Saba didn't happen at the end of the Bein HaMetzarim period, but rather, at the end of the SEVENTH day from 17 Tammuz, and this is noting that the name of the Tzadik - Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman is in the SEVENTH line of the Petek.   And using the number SEVEN, it ends both the numbers 17 and 147, the numbers used in reference to Ya'akov in Mitzarayim and the years of his life, respectively.

Similarly, the END of the SEVENTH day of the week, the end of Shabbos, is the holiest part of Shabbos - Ra'ava D'Ra'avin.  Among other Tzadikim, it marks the timing of the week of the passing of Yosef, the 11th son of Ya'akov, whose passing is mentioned in the last Posuk of Parshas Vayechi/Sefer Bereishis. And as we see in the Torah, Yosef is especially noted for his honoring the Shabbos, as hinted to where it says in the Torah about ordering a meal being made for him and his brothers when they visited him the second time in Mitzrayim.

May the merit of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman help speed our redemption from exile very soon!

Israel's Prime Minister Gets Excited with Nanach!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

blossoms of the spring letter 73

Please G-d 28 (strength) of Iyar 5723 this is the day that G-d made, sing and rejoice on it.
For his Honor, President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shneer Zalman Shazar, the excellent by the grander of his precious and saving soul, that was collected from a holy source, from the great ones of Israel,  pillars of the Torah, may their memories be for a blessing. That focused his understanding and his heart to hear the voice of G-d calling to him in a loud voice each day that he should hurry himself with great haste to the true saint that has the power of attraction to bring the whole world to the blessed Lord.  A good sign and good fate for a blessing for life and peace without end for you and your household and all that is yours.
When one of Israel receives honors, and Kingship, he then needs a great effort and a great fight, to overcome it with a brazen and powerful voice like a strong and brave fighter to nullify his glory as if it were nothing and truly dust by comparison to the Lord, and not to use any of this honor for his needs and his gratification and not to take for himself any of the honor, that the Kingship shouldn't with him as a slave to fulfill his lusts, G-d forbid, only to raise the honor and the throne which he has for the blessed Lord, so that thanks to the honor and throne, will be revealed and will rise the glory of G-d and the Glory of the true Saint, that brings everything to G-d, even those that are very far, those that are far away, soiled and lost, that fell into the deepest hell, and below endlessly and unfathomably, he raises them and attaches them from the depths of this vast void - above, above high like the mountains of the G-d,  that because of that precisely, grows in value the honor of G-d the most in all the worlds.
Praise and exult the salvation of G-d and awesome Kindnesses, that he wheeled and turned in his great and wondrous mercy, that you were chosen to be president of the State. After five years went by, that you merited to renew and grow in the holy and awesome garden of life of the true Saint, the new light, the very hidden rare and evasive, he the the essence of life, that renewed wondrous and great novelties, miracle of miracles inscrutable, that were never revealed, in order to sustain us on a day like today, also in the ultimate of ultimate bitter and total obscurity of these generations of ours, at the end of this final and bitter exile when Israel is lost now after the vanity of buffon's those that are wise in their own eyes that drive them away from G-d and his holy Torah, through the defiled and contaminated lies of the deniers and false faiths, G-d have mercy.

Brother, brother, my heart and my flesh, you you already arrived the moment and the hour that you deepen your thoughts to think about and to search with your whole soul to extract and to act upon the sayings of your good heart that is glowing like a fire to the center of the skies, to have mercy on Israel with great and true compassion greater then all other compassions, to en-light in their hearts the light of the Saint that illuminates from one end of the world to the other, and to announce and advertise in the world that their can be found today with us a true and awesome sage and you can postulate that there never has been one like him before that can revitalize all the fallen spirits that multiplied like they did in these generations.
Upon us to be happy and to dance with a full heart with great joy that we merited to know about this business of our eternal reparation for all generations. And "oy va voy" to those that refute and oppose themselves to this endeavor to repair their souls at all times. Even though they oppose the way they oppose and burst out as they burst out, in spite of this, in the end of all ends the truth will be revealed that he is the essential part of the completion of the truth.
The compiler and the arranger, that preaches for your peace and salvation at all times now and in the future, blessing you blessings that raise you and a kosher and happy holiday of redemption and healing for our souls. He who is waiting eagerly to see you today to rejoice with us together in our Happiness..

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Sefer Hamidos on Shmiras Habris

Read full article:  Tzadik Yesod Olam- Rebbe Nachman of Breslov on Shmiras Habris

Partial Mitzvah Better Then None
It is better for a person to fulfil a Mitzvah with his limited ability rather then to leave it aside completely.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 83)

Staying Healthy is a Priority
Rectification of the body comes before rectification of the soul.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 84)

Mourning Death of Righteous Atones All Sins
One who cries and mourns over the passing of a righteous individual, is forgiven for all his sins.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 85)

Mitzvah to Bring People to Teshuva Even Through Misquoting Your Words
It is a Mitzvah to cause other people to repent for all wrongdoings. If you are afraid that they will not listen to your words, you can go ahead and quote your words in the name of a different Tzadik, so they will listed to you.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 86)

Vayichulo and Prayer With Kavana Causes A Pardon Request
Any person that says the 'Vayichulo' prayer with devotion and prayers with devotion, the ministering angles request from Hashem to forgive him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 87)

Powerful Answering of Amen Yeh Shmeh Rabba Atones
A person that answers 'Amen Yeh Shmeh Rabba' with all his energy, even if he has a taint of idolatry in him, he is forgiven.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 88)

4 That Do Not See the Face of Gehunim
These are the people that do not see the face of Gehunim; those that suffer from calculations of poverty, those that have illness in their intestines, those that live in pressure of their debt collectors and those that live under the yoke of the government (see if better translation for entire clause exists).
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 89)

Do Mitzvos Beyond Your Ability

Strengthen yourself in Mitzvos to do more then what you have the ability to do.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 90)

Losing Money Replaces Physical Harm
Loss of money atones for the body.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 91)

Thirst Rectifies Wasted Talk
Thirst is a rectification for mundane speech.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 92)

Teshuva Brings Refuah to the World
Repentance brings healing to the world.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 93)

Difference Between Teshuva Meahava nd Teshuva Meyirah
Repentance done out of fear of punishment causes intentional sins to become considered like accidental sins. However repentance done out of love for Hashem converts intentional sins into merits.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 94)

Teshuva Brings the Geula and a Lengthy Life
Repentance brings close the Final Redemption and lengthens the days and years of a person.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 95)

Individual Teshuva Also Atones for Entire World
Through the repentance of a single man, he brings forgiveness for himself and for the whole entire world.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 96)

Confession of Sins Appeases Hashem and Similar to Offering a Korbon
Hashem Is appeased through confession and it is similar to having created an alter and offering a sacrifice.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 97)

Forgiveness to Others Leads to Forgiveness for Sins
A person that is forgiving, he is forgiven for all his sins.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 98)

Torah and Gmilus Chasadim Atone
The Torah and charitable acts atone.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 99)

Screaming and Crying Works Better at Night
Screaming and crying done at night is more listened to, causing mercy.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 100)

Baal Teshuva Should Pray for Rain
A person that is working on repenting should pray for rain and through this he is forgiven for his sins.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 101)

Group Teshuva Need Wicked Amongst Them
When the Jews fast they are not answered until there are wicked people also found in the group.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 102)

Love Rebuke and Have Extra Faith

The path that a person should choose for himself is loving to get rebuke and he should hold on to extra faith.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 103)

Teshuva is Above the Dimension of Time
A day that a person does repentance is above the dimension of time and raises all the days from the constrictions of time. Yom Kipor is also above the dimension of time.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 1)

Teshuva Causes Nullification of the Nation's Decrees
Through repentance the spirit of Moshiach blows on the decrees of the nations and nullifies them.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 2)

Teshuva Nullifies Impure Desires
Also through repentance the great lust is nullified.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 3)

Kiruv of Youth Easier Old
It is easier to bring youth back to Hashem then to bring older people.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 4)

Wicked Should be Forced to Repent Through Monitory Pressure
It is necessary to force the wicked through financial pressure to cause them to repent.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 5)

Parnasa Becomes Easy Through Teshuva
Through repentance it becomes easy to earn a livelihood.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 6)

Great of Generation Bring Yirah, Sparking Zechus Avos, Awakening Teshuva
Through the great and sharp of the generation the fear of Heaven is enlightened. Through he fear of Heaven, ancestral merit is sparked. Through the sparking of ancestral merit repentance is awakened in the world.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 7)

Hashem Buries Sins and Releases Merit
Hashem creates pathways in the ocean to bury our sins and release our merit.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 8)

Wealth of Tzadik Causes Wicked to Repent
When the Tzadik becomes wealth, through this the wicked return and repent.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 9)

Shmiras Shabbos and Teshuva Draw Down Light of Moshiach

Through properly guarding the Shabbot, a person draws upon himself the light of Moshiach, this also happens through repentance.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva B 10)

Kitzur Likutay Moharan on Shmiras Habris

No Existences Before Teshuva
Before a person does Teshuva he does not have any existence and it as if he does not exist in the world, since it would have been preferable that he had not been born rather then him being born. When he comes to purify himself and do Teshuva then he start to exist.
(Kitzur Likutay Moharan Hayashon Torah 6 Clause 3)

Teshuva Requires Extreme Patience
Teshuva requires patience. As the Sages wrote that a person who comes to do Teshuva is given help from above but first he is told to wait. Therefore when a person wants to do Teshuva, even though he has to hurry and flee for his very life to escape from the darkness, despite this he has to be extremely patient and proceed with great measure according to how he is instructed by the true Tzadik, since it is not possible to enter the realm of Holiness all at once.
(Kitzur Likutay Moharan Hayashon Torah 6 Clause 4)

Teshuva is Continuous
A person needs to constantly hold on to the attribute of Teshuva, since even at the time when a person is confessing and saying "I have sinned", even this he is not able to say with complete purity and without personal agendas. It comes out that he now has to do Teshuva for the first time he did Teshuva.
(Kitzur Likutay Moharan Hayashon Torah 6 Clause 5)

G-d Bless the Chinese Government!

China has been heavily subsidizing the SOLAR PANEL industry.
Because now, the Californian power companies are raising the utility fees saying that too many SOLAR PANEL owners are excluded from paying for the grid and as a result, they have to raise electricity rates to pay the SOLAR PANEL owners for their electricity.
First, please leave the solar panel owners alone, the local grid which is the only one they use, is paid for by local taxes, not by power bills.  These homes are powering themselves and their neighbors, everything they use is theirs to start with.
The main power grid which represents 66% loss of energy in the high tension wires is the problem of those who refuse to install solar panels.
If you really need to lower the price of electricity, it is simple and very possible. Supply and demand, the supply has increased so prices have dropped, increase demand and the price will rise again. By encouraging the ELECTRIC CAR, demand for power will increase and so will the prices, the delight of the energy companies.
Electric cars heat less and make less noise(only one moving part in the motor). ELECTRIC CAR use 66% less energy to move then their dirty counterparts (traditional fossil fuel consumers). That's 90% less energy bring used to move around if you have your own SOLAR PANEL.  Is that cheaper? Imagine you have a horse that eats ten times less then your neighbors, who is going to get the job? G-d bless Chinese SOLAR PANELS! The place in Europe with the best policy for electric cars is Oslo the European oil capital. So money doesn't necessarily corrupt. Please offer yourself a treat: an ELECTRIC CAR and SOLAR PANELS. Until the government puts in measures to counteract the power lobbies, I promise you, you can pay for this out of the 10% you give to charity before taking your pay home. Once the ELECTRIC CAR industry is out of it's babyhood, do not forget to go back to giving your charity the normal way.  I think David Wood would say the problem is not the power lobbies, it's the depressed under-paid journalists!

Israeli Government-> Bring Rabbi Nachman// FBI -> all resources study the Petek!

New Clip for the Nanach Party in the Knesset

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One way to blog yourself


To BLOG YOURSELF every day, you need to regurgitate your notes, or log the events of the day, a journal, the French word for newspaper.
That's one kind of BLOG, from Web log to we  BLOG! Just as there has been a shift in the words web log to we BLOG, so has their been a shift in meaning and I want to make the most of it here.
The subject you should really know about is you.  David Wood makes it clear that people are interested (attracted) in people that are experts apparently because they can inform them about their expertise "attracted like bees to honey".
Is it possible then, that if you are enough of an expert on yourself, you will attract others because they are actually interested in truth, even if that means: you?
You really shouldn't be doing this for others so much, don't you want to be an expert on yourself, aren't you worth it? Can you think of a better subject for you to BLOG, then to BLOG YOURSELF?
Don't call me narcissistic, this is part of not being a victim. A victim (vict...-tim.) is so busy looking out
for foreign threats that he ceases to develop on an individual basis (and becomes part of a regiment).
This is the principle of regimentation. Forming battalions of people that look the same way at the same thing and react the same way. That is not what I call "group culture". I like David Wood's take on BLOG better, not to regurgitate the days notes.  I say, to go deep into yourself and find out what is really there.  Others find this unique and valid information useful, for what ever reason.  Just BLOG YOURSELF.
This is the direction that I am going to take this BLOG, in the hope that in the words of Rabbi Na Nach ("Blossoms_of_the_Spring" volume III lesson 300)
"truth grows like a seed, giving branches eventually fruits (it is unstoppable in it's strength)".
I guess the novelty here is not to be an encyclopedic generalist, but to focus on what you can be the biggest expert on.  I hope that would be you.  Let's "be real".
If we are real, that will be a real BLOG, and perhaps you can only really BLOG YOURSELF!

Monday, December 17, 2012

BH Getting Stronger and stronger - my idea produced by B.R.

Place Rabbainu's chair at the head of the table of the Knesset.

HH a worthy agenda for the New Nanach Party.

Meir Yimini

Meir Yimini OBM was one of the closest to Saba. Many things have been said of him, stories of ruach hakodesh, visits of Elijah the prophet, huge sums of money he would bring to Saba for the publishing of the holy books, it has also been said that Meir left over a Shas (Talmud) replete with glosses he annotated. 

There was another person who was reputedly close to Saba and known for miracles - R' Nechemia from Bnei Brak - e.g. people are convinced that he did "kefitzas haderech" (traversing distances with great speed defying nature).

Miracles of the holy Petek

At the third meal of Shabos, which I conducted in Gabai's dining room, I sat at the last table. The days in Uman are extra short, only a few hours ago we had finished a very full lunch, and it was already time for the third meal. Gabai had all types of salads, and I was feasting, when an older man sits at the table, and he keeps asking obsequiously if there is fish. Finally, when I had more than enough, I told him with great conviction - “everything is in merit of the Petek!” So the guy say, “so then in the merit of the Petek let there be fish.” Not even a few minutes past, and a guy comes right to us, how he got through the whole dining room untouched I haven't a clue (usually – a pan 10 times the size wouldn't make it very far before being finished off by the occupants of the surrounding tables), and presents us with a pan of excellent baked salmon!
After Shabos, by the holy tomb, I was considering telling over this miracle to some friends, but was certain, and just then the guy makes his appearance to the holy tomb. So it was obvious that the Petek wanted the story to be known.

Chanuka in Uman 5773

B”H Chanuka 5773 in Uman! Large turnout (someone told me about 2,000 people, the largest Chanuka ever), and we who were fortunate to be there, are and will be forever grateful! Rabbainu gets better and better. Gilad finally got his oven burning, and was pumping out rolls and cakes, may H”Y bless him. In addition to Gabai's hospitality, and Anshins, may H”Y bless them. During the year there is also a new guy in town making meals for the visitors – and homeless “pitzuim”, sometimes even daily – krokowsky (something like that), may H”Y bless him.

Recollections of Saba - never get angry

Recently a “breslov” magazine (nitzotzos – under the auspices of a mss) interviewed Saba's son-in-law Mr. Shefer. They included some rare photos and a letter that Saba wrote to his friend R' Shmuel Horowitz two years before receiving the Petek (1920, 1922). Mr. Shefer recalls how Saba never ever got angry, and was very particular that one should never ever get angry at another Jew – Saba once reprimanded him, telling him, that one never know what the other Jew might be undergoing etc, so therefore one has to always be there to elevate his friend in the light of favorable judgment. Mr. Shefer once stopped for me when I was hitching to the Ramchal, and gave me a ride, on the way he stopped to buy a pita from a woman on the street, he asked me if I cared for it, he had only bought it to give the woman some income. Mr. Shefer's son, Gil, is the Chief of Staff for Bibi Nitanyahu. May H”Y bless the Shefer's!

 There is much more to discuss about the article B"H.

Nanach in the Knesset

The Nanach Political party just was wracked with crazy conspiracies, infiltration, and mutiny. Part of the drama was based on someone who had joined all the while conspiring to take over the party with the sole purpose of announcing the bringing of the holy tomb of Rabbainu to the Holy Land, may that be soon, amen. B”H “normalicy” is being restored. There has been some media attention, all favorable B”H. The message is slowly getting out there – vote Nanach!

News on the Nanach party can be usually found on facebook.

Smoking Nanach

There's a picture of Saba holding a cigarette in his hand. Saba didn't smoke. Saba wanted to portray something with this, perhaps an affinity to those trapped in addictions, letting them know that he is with this them and can help them.

The Petek!

The Petek is a mighty warrior, it is not like us who have to eat and drink – of flesh and blood, the holy Petek doesn't eat, drink, or sleep, it is constantly waging war for Rabbainu, conquering the Land and the whole world.... We must learn from the Petek...

My movie project from the eight day of Hannukka

I'm going to make a MOVIE  about this woman called Ruth Cohen, who is uncovering perverts here in Jerusalem to save the children of American Jewish families.
That is not permanent solution however, so I am also bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem with the NEW POLITICAL PARTY we have formed called Together Na Nach.
I was busy on the 8th day of Hannukka preparing this MOVIE  while many of my friends went
to bury a young man I know (knew) that jumped off the roof like his mother did several years ago, she jumped 5 stories, and he jumped 13 stories, what a scoop...
....I hope you got all emotional about that.
My idea is to make a MOVIE about this with my son.  In the MOVIE we bring Rabbi Nachman by using this new political party. We bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem because you can't stop Niuf without changing the brains of men and women.  That's why we NEED Rabbi Nachman, he teaches how to undo the disease.
If you think this is not relevant look up the number of monthly clicks for the words:
Niuf (1600000), money(600000), food(350000), women(250000)
Check yourself, but you get the point
(even other bad words gets 46 000, more then you get a month)
So licking the PERVERTS is GOOD MARKETING (good money). That is what Rabbi Nachman is all about.
We can take over this Political Party through me and you have a platform in the Kenesset to speak to the world about THIS ISSUE from! The price to take over this political party is only 20 000 Nis. I don't know how much the MOVIE would cost, but my son and I are doing that, so that is an optional added investment.
More expensive then a Mont Blanc but better R.O.I.i!/._ +

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Better B a Na Nach what ever you are!

Everything about this holiday has to do with eight, even Hashmonaim the family was called The EIGHTS!  That's the family name.  Now you know that 88 is code for Hell Hitler, if you didn't know ask an old GI, what was written on the walls left after the bombing of Berlin.  Now the oil of Hannukka was contained in a Pach or "tin" the word Pach is 80+8 or 88 EIGHTY EIGHT!  When they broke the tin to find one days' worth of holy oil for the temple that was desecrated by idol worshipers (perverts) that one days worth burned for EIGHT days! Exactly the time it takes to make new oil, also eight days! Oil in Hebrew is name "N".  Half of EIGHTY EIGHT or 44 is the number of candles burnt during the whole holiday! There are 4 N's when the name Nachman is written in full Na Nach Nachma Nachman when you understand that N in Hebrew looks like L then you understand that it is the Swastika that is being broken in four--> precisely the way Shmuel sliced Agag (the Amalekite King) in four, now you know why!
Now his name is Na Nach is written SHMO-na Na CH or EIGHT (50) EIGHT where 50 is the gate of miracles and of Kingship [Na  is also 51 or 3x17].  The "noun" reaches to the lowest levels and pulls up to the highest spheres.
The way to the redemption is to bring two brothers back together in this world.  In the next world, their disputes have already been settled.  Both brothers are sons of Isaac and Rivka, and each is King in his trade.  I believe this can and will be done to the benefit of mankind and to the benefit of the two brothers themselves.  Combining forces they will nullify the perverts, and will live truly successful lives.  I wonder if all this has to do with what they ate and what they hate?  They did eat bread, after having thrown Josef in the pit out of which they had taken the loot.  We all need to take a close look at ourselves, if we want to make the world a better place, and avoid another flood or black plague.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The world is at war. If you don't believe this then look at what kind of money is being spent on the military and civil defense industries.  Even more frightening are the man caused "natural disasters" (oil spills, rising ocean level), That means we need to be creative and productive in order to outflank the destructive forces.  Thanks to D & D at Empower Network, regular people like us have the power of big CEO's at our fingertips. That's not enough, they even coach us for success and give us money for doing what?.. almost nothing!  The ultimate secret is to get Rabbi Nachman buried in Jerusalem and to follow him from Uman to Jerusalem, that would place you on the top of the top levels of all the Universe!  Be a real FAN OF RABBI NACHMAN!
I never wanted to leave the village settlement I founded in the Judaen hills overlooking Jerusalem. But an Empower event is worth it. My mother survived a failed assassination attempt, and the assassin is now dead (by an act of G-d), to give you an idea of how hot it is here and why you don't want to leave the grounds unattended.  Except to throw your support behind, and lock arms at Empower.
Being in the trenches in the spearhead makes you understand the strategic importance of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. No matter how much security and technical advancement we "sponsor" the problems will not be solved until people improve what is going on inside their head.  RABBI NACHMAN can really do that, but only once he is positioned near King David, in the Holy City.  Call it mystical if you want.  There is now an Israeli Party in the Knesset dealing with this issue.  I am asking you to please ask your friend to sign up as supporters of this cause for bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. I will try to bring you my blessings on a monthly basis at no charge. Feel free to send me questions or suggestions and I will try to answer you as best I can.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shir Yididus and Seder Hayom Download

B"H a new Tikkun Klali is available for download. It includes the Shir Yididus and and Seder Hayon from Rabbi Yitzchok Briter.

Tikkun Klali With Shir Yididus and Seder Hayom

Also available on Breslov Books and

Half of these Tikkun Klalis that were just printed will be given out for free B"H.

Friday, December 7, 2012



for Nanach on Chanuka check out the cloud index on the right side of the site....

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


This is Our Land!!! Rabbi Nachman reconquered it for the Jews!

HH one of my favorite Chanuka songs!!! Nanach for everyone (playlist)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

From the perspective of a person's ego, an open letter.


Nanach isnt just a political party. Its the party that celebrates Hashem that everyone should be celebrating all the time.
Being moshiach is too big of an avoda for me. "A little is also good." (Rebbe Nakhman taught.) So, its better to be a nanach than to be Moshiach. It is better to be one of the people that will save the world, than to take on all of the responsibility, yourself.

If we can all just clean our own little section of the world, our daled amos, that would be amazing.
If all people would take care of their own reshut hayakhid, then  all of the reshut harabim will have been fixed, yielding a collective yeshuah.

Redemption earned is much better than a Redemption from the side of Judgement. I'Y'H there is still time left. If Moshiach Ben Yosef does not have to take on all of the responsibility himself, perhaps he will survive !

1 Seat in Kenesset is enough.
"1 Candle is all it takes to dispel a lot of darkness in a pitch black room." (Bibi Netanyahu quoting the L'B'R, who inherited his position from the Sar Elefim.)
"1 Drop of the King's medicine, which is made out of his crown, is all that needs to get digested to save his son, the prince."
1 Pitcher of oil, was enough to keep the Menorah lit for 8 days!
1 Petek conquers the world.
Every single (1) nanakh, is a candle in the olam hasheker, the olam ha-M'F-orsamei sheker.

B'H for Na Nakh Nakhma Nakhman Meuman.

Na Nakh.

BH one of my favorite Chanuka songs! 8 Days Of Chanuka We Rejoice In The Light 20081221

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Nanach Party to be Announced in the Knesset


In the next day or two B"H the Knesset will announce the formation and acceptance of the new Nanach Party. This is right in time for Chanuka - days of thanksgiving to H"Y.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Light of the Tzaddikim

חלכות כבוד רבו ותלמיד חכם ג:יח

It is forbidden to derive material pleasure from the Channukah lights.  The holiday of Channukah was instituted by Chazal, and the lights of Channukah correspond to the true tzaddikim.  The implication is that one should not seek the light of the tzaddik for material benefit, as it is common in our generation.  Rather, one must attach oneself to the tzaddikim for spiritual purposes only.

na nach draidel - BH one of my favorite Chanuka videos!

Call me an well make a chavrusa

Monday, December 3, 2012

The New Nanach Political Party for the Knesset

G-d created man in His image, after creating the entire world, G-d left the finishing touch for man, so that man can resemble the Divine “profile” as creator and manager. Being that the world was near completion, all that Man had to do was channel and draw more holiness. G-d placed man in the Garden of Eden for this purpose, Man would delight there and complete the creation lifting it with increasing holiness. Man sinned throwing the whole creation down, and now Man would have to work and toil just to restore the world to it's previous state. Man could no longer remain to delight in the Garden of Eden, he was exiled and was put under the duress of fixing up the glitches that were wrought in the world.

With the birth of Noach, just the introduction of his holy soul into the world, G-d brought respite (Noach) to the world. Certain deficiencies and harshness that the world had been thrown into were now mitigated. E.g. the Earth stopped churning out weeds and thorns, and Noach introduced the plow – this was a 'grace' and reprieve, bringing awesome relief and bounty to the world.

Finding this new grace, the people did not react properly – accordingly. Instead of adapting to the goodness, responding with thanksgiving and a movement towards mirroring this Divine largesse, the people sought to chase more and more bounty. They even began to worship stars and constellations in order to draw more bounty their way.

Father Abraham was a complete novelty – not only did he not partake in the obsession of hording more his way, he despised it, and he actually stood up to combat it full force, raising himself in his full appreciation of the Providence of G-d, Abraham began to give of himself and his portion to others. Abraham thus was crowned the King of the World – “Av Hamon Goyim”.

In our days, the world has seen grace unparalleled in the history of man. Poverty has been reduced and in many places redefined. Life has taken on a form of luxury, with electricity and plumbing. Civil rights of each person have been established and upheld in a way that has no precedence. On the other hand, never in history was there such an unwonted lack of will to live, people who have been blessed with so much free time and sovereignty find their lives completely barren and empty of meaning, a greater majority of the population is addicted to some substance, a terrible percentage commit suicide, we are witness to serial killers and similar craziness, as the world suffers in a flood of agnosticism and atheism.

Rabbi Nachman was born 4 years before the American Revolution, the advent entrance of his soul ushers into the world a spirit of freedom, independence, and autonomy. The world exists now in the paradigm of Rabbi Nachman's soul, this is a very powerful and pressured setting – potential is infinite, but it demands the presence of mind to adhere to the guide and example Rabbi Nachman has set. When the world is ignorant and ignores the directed illumination of Rabbi Nachman it is flooded with the confrontation of a magnitude of abundance they have no ability to inculcate, and like feeding a baby to much milk it chokes them. One hundred years after Rabbi Nachman's passing the world erupted in an explosive flood of blood, murdering tens of millions of people. The teachings, the light of Nachman was darkened.

In 1922, after the world had sunken to this new post-flood era, Rabbi Nachman, with great difficulty, shined his light anew, in the form of the holy Petek – note, to give us new life, direction, and focus. [This is what Saba said that the holy Petek has all the colors – because it is the aspect of the rainbow – which G-d showed as a sign of faith after the flood]. Those fortunate to follow the directions of the Petek are setting the course for a new way, which is in fact the old way of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses, David, Yosef, and Shlomo, to illuminate the Goodness of G-d in the world. To bring respite and happiness to all the creation, shining in them the satiating Divine light, celebrating the bounty and grace which G-d has bestowed. The Petek assures us that Messiah is still going to come and the whole world will be happy, they will all be simple-straightforward-chaste.

Although there is obvious need to continue rectifying the world, and advancing our modes of existence, this should not be our defining function. First and foremost, each and everyone of us should have their own unique defining character, how they shine, sparkle, and radiate in the own relationship with G-d, and only as a result of this fulfillment should they extend themselves to further enhance their surroundings, or even in the reverse – i.e. people can set out to bring betterment to other and through this they will gain their own personality. This is what is needed, not politicians nor scientists, just simple-straightforward honest development. To see the good in others and in our selves, and to flare up and stoke that good, and build up more good. More happiness, more excitement, more goodness. This is the holy way of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

This message is very clear, today it seems obvious, but in 1922 it was unfathomable. The world had not the vessels to see people abound just dance and celebrating the goodness of G-d. The Petek says, that its understanding is contingent on the strengthening of our devotion, and the main devotion is faith. After experiencing the holocaust, communism and the cold war, and the zionist regime, and still staying strong in our belief in the Goodness of G-d, we have built the vessels for the message of the Petek. Today, the world has the ability and the appreciation of standing up to do what is right, just because it is the right thing! This is a true novelty befitting of the People of the Holy Petek.

The New Nanach Political Party for the Knesset desires to promote this message. It wishes to enter the Knesset and strengthen anyone and any idea that is there for the better, to encourage the pursuit of good, and to unite positive components. Politicians and politics have a tendency to make things complicated, the Nanach party believes that even a simple person is entitled to full understanding of what it is they are dishing out to him, and so what ever the issue might be, it should be broken down and explained soundly so that it can be understood straight-out, and thus be acceptable. For this reason even though the members of the new Nanach party might not be educated in all the field necessary, this should not be a deterrent for their success. What ever the issues might be, the Nanach wish to give them their proper attention, and with honesty, truth, and intelligence figure them out, and decide on the best course to take. In this way, the Nanach are certain the G-d will shine His approval and consent on all its engagements, decisions, and resolutions. G-d will bless the Nanach, Israel, and the entire world.