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Friday, November 16, 2012

Nanach Freezes Time?

"Nanach Freezes Time" meaning: the extent to which a person is an element of the torah, their acceptance that they exist ONLY because G_d said, on the 6th day (whatever that may mean), "let us make man (in our image)", (liberal usage of the word "our"), their existence depends on the Torah, and that because the torah is _Eternal_ , they too are eternal commensurate with their share (daas, identity [limud]) in it. Rebbeinus teachings and strategies enable one to connect to and live that eternity every moment. A person likely also pushes off death of the physical body with such an approach - and if becomes L'shmoh enough can transcend the flesh like hanokh and eliyahu - how the haluka d'rabbanan will live on when the sun is taken out of its sheath - it can free the righteous of their burden of physicality / or it can physically burn those who only exist as flesh. If the yetzer horo (satan) / p'gamei emunah are the only things that kill a person, the extent to which they can be "khadash tamid" (an aspect of "dont grow up, its a trap.") is the extent to which death applies to them less, in the moment. As you are with Hashem, so is Hashem with you. A person cannot survive his eternity/Immense Good without also clinging to His Will (the torah) very firmly. This world trains the soul to navigate the spiritual world to come. But that world to come does not always require death to live. Once a person lives in both worlds, the fact that one of them stopped existing doesn't bother them so much. From being in one room, trying to learn to live in both rooms, and then continuing to live in only one of the rooms. Physical Body to Worm Food, Or Flesh back to Life Itself, inner aspect of living worms - or behold the spiritual in the mundane to such an extent, that you interact with the inner essence of the mundane things around you more and more, and start to see more and more of and then only and only of the spiritual, overlooking the mundane. I think a person can go off into a space between space or a time between times, and continue to observe the world from there. From the perspective of the world they appear to age, from that person's perspective, for he does not see himself, only G_d interacting with G_d, there is only growth of his Kli as his appreciation for G_d deepens. If a person if completely Free of Ayin Hara, no one knows who he is, and his ani becomes ain, then he can live as eliyahu lives. As an aspect, a channel of the divine, an instrument of his will, who comes to every bris, every pesach table, and whispers in people's ears good news to tell with others, that they be garbed in the aspect of eliyahu, for those with eyes to See. So as to not tarnish his physical goof which is existing in a very slow moving time between times (time bubble), his reality as a Living Navi as a constantly applying eternal metaphore, accessible by anyone who reads torah into his imagination / pictorally, you can see what he looked like, in what form he (eliyahu) looks like from your field of context. If you can accelerate your thoughts faster than the limitations of the body, then you are free to leave time. You have transcended your Kli, while remaining within it. You can only do this with the help of Hashem, through submitting to his Will, and making his Will your Will in action. This is the only true strength, embodying Truth. Kabballah Maasit is to be Mekubal Laasot, bekohl levavkha, bekol nafshekha, uvkol meodekha. Nanach can bring the dead back to life, and stop the dying from dying, today, NOW, "hayom im bekoLi tishmahu", whose kol? The Kol of the one at that moment speaking from the Ain. Like Saba, "ANI Hamelekh." Hayom im Bekoli (ANI) tishmauh. Not being allowed to inquire beyond space time, just means (from my understanding), one may not be involved outside of those parameters (space time) with a BINA only brain ("Lashon Drush from Ein Dorshin"), rather only with fully integrated daat perception, which happens through enough hitbodedut-tefillah and enough following the etzot of rebbeinu to a T, including being properly isolated in a forest / field with an element of "danger". Letters and Forms slow down living-information / thought so amazingly much, surely the soul is above information (faster, before, aware prior to). The pressure of "danger" (being vulnerable in nature) will make someone do proper hitbodedut, and refine their Kli in ways that a bedroom hitbodedut session will not. Really Isolate, to get its true intended benefits.

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