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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Rhythm of Music

This is a little piece I just wrote in reply to an invitation to an interview about Nanach.

Regarding techno music, I can tell you this, music can generally be divided into two parts - the rhythm and the melody. Whereas the melody appeals and calls to play learned moods, passions, experiences, and the like, the rhythm addresses one's very life blood coursing in the veins. Thus often pounding drums are the main instruments in groups that are accessing the very base and prime lifesource, as is often the case in primitive tribes and the uneducated. With Nanach this comes full circle. Imagine the genius of someone who can speak and carry about consciously intending every action - without using motor skills and functions! This is where the genius of holy Masters comes to play - these holy masters rebuilt every tiny movement sanctifying it with holy intentions as an offering to the True Holy Merciful One G-d. So in the techno music the Nanach are playing, relying heavily on the spirit of Our Master - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, the Nanach pump out new life, from a very high and holy place, raising the very source of life to it's source. This is the life!


OyVaGoy said...

I love this post. Really makes sense of the brilliant NN music.

BEn said...

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