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Monday, October 15, 2012

Nanach tidbits.

HH recently I was encouraged to do some explaining on FB, so I'll share some tidbits here:

HH certain things are witnesses to their own veracity. Take e.g. someone arguing how educated he is, just by his vocabulary, grammar, citations etc. one can already gain idea of the truth of his claims. If a person present a magnificent painting claiming that it is a Rembrandt, it might be disputed, but one thing can be ascertained and is evidence for itself - that the painting is on such a high standard that we know of no other painter other than rembrandt that could have produced this painting, so either it is actually a remb. or his equal. So too is with the holy Torah and specifically Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, no one ever came close to revealing anything of this magnitude, power, beauty, and awesomeness, so either it is actually Rabbi Nachman of Breslov himself, or there is some hidden holy Tzadik disguising himself as him!!!!!!

Regarding Kabala and the Zohar:
  • Simcha Hochman HH when the Zohar was first found there was some dispute to it's authenticity but ultimately everyone - even the litvaks accepted it - except certain parts which had been inserted by unworthy people. The Zohar is the most classic and comprehensive body of Kabala, but there are hundred of kabalistic books that have been authored and published since messianic times. These works were produced by very very holy sages who merited to what they merited.
  • Simcha Hochman HH there are many areas of Kabala - there is a field of Kabala called Kabala maasiyos - working kabala - in this field the kabalist uses Divine names, and names of angels, and names of demons, for some purpose. Even the greatest and holiest of the Kabalists warned very strongly not to get involved in this - it can be very dangerous in many ways. However the main study of Kabala is the study of understanding how H"Y created, creates, and runs and interacts with creation - this something that every person must seek out - for if not he is similar to an animal that exists in this world for no purpose just to survive. Man was designed to achieve meaning and true identification with HY, this is the study of Kabala.
  • Simcha Hochman HH nonetheless, today even the study of kabala has become a very secular study, like the way the Talmud is studied by most people. It has become a pursuit of mental stimuli, to dissect, to be challenged, and to prove one's intellect. Therefore the only true way of taking up cause that was the Kabala is through the holy teaching of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov - better known as Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.
    Probably the earliest Kabalistic text we have is the Book Of Creation, which was written by our Father Abraham. There are however works that were authored even earlier, because the Kabala is part of the Torah, and the Torah is what G-d used to create the world. When you learn the Kabala you can see this straight out - the way the Torah is the building block of the world. This is the difference between secular science and the Torah, science only measures what has already been created, but the Torah is the actual living force, and when one studies it he is not G"F merely measuring but building and creating. All the more so by singing this holy song Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!
    Regarding the difference between real Torah knowledge and other studies:
    • Simcha Hochman HH as far as the claim that G-d forbid Nanach would regress the world into the dark ages, the very opposite is the truth, there is no wisdom that even touches the surface of what Rabbi Nachman revealed. The greatest scholars, even secular scholars agree that Rabbi Nachman's works have a depth and profundity unmatched. And know this, that the wisdoms of the world are called maid servants, they are superficial measurements, where as true knowledge is actual life! If we would merit to junk all the garbage of exterior superficial measuring rods and begin to open our hearts and minds to G-d knowledge we would be able to hands on create what scientists are completely baffled even measuring.
    • Simcha Hochman HH imagine someone throwing a pebble into the water causing a ripple effect - in a distance stand a scientist filming the water, the camera didn't pick up the pebble, just that at D hour all of the sudden ripples occur, so the scientist gets busy measuring them, and coming up with formulea to explain their direction etc., look how ridiculous and absurd this scientist is, he's missing the boat, if he would just have seen the pebble he would chuck all his formulea into the garbage - even though they are to some degree correct in showing the measured result, but they completely miss the point. In this same way the scientist miss the boat about the creation of the world.
    • Simcha Hochman HH the truth is closer to the idea made famous in the movie matrix, that almost everything that people experience can be programmed into their brain. That is the difference between real knowledge and science and philosophy. Real Torah Knowledge is by definition REAL - a person is alive and cognizant of G-D!!! This is actual live life!
    • Simcha Hochman Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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