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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Sefer Hamidos on Shmiras Habris

Having Mercy Nullifies Lusts
Through being merciful your lusts will become nullified.
(Sefer Hamidos, Rachmanus 8)

Guarding Eyes Prevent Humiliation
A person that closes his eyes from thing bad things, through this he will be saved from humiliation.
(Sefer Hamidos, Rieyos 8)

Pasuk That Helps Prevent Seeing Impurity
When a person goes out to the marketplace and is fearful not to come to impure thoughts if he sees women, he should say the following verse "Hayn Aralim Tzuaku Chutzha Malchai Shalom Mar Yivcuyun" (הן אראלם צעקו חצה מלאכי שלום מר יבכיון) , and through this he will be saved seeing impurity.
(Sefer Hamidos, Rieyos 8)

Drinking Causes Spiritual Descent
Through drunkenness a person falls from his spiritual level.
(Sefer Hamidos, Shichrus 1)

Drinking Causes Hirhuray Niuf
Through drunkenness a person falls into impure thoughts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Shichrus 7)

Drinking Causes Gulus and Hotzas Zera Levatala
Drunkenness causes exile, it also causes spilling seed in vain.
(Sefer Hamidos, Shichrus B 2)

Shvuas Sheker Causes Hiruray Niuf
Through making falses ouths one bings upon himself impure thoughts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Shevuos 4)

Constant Swearing Causes Constant Bad Thoughts
A person that is accustomed to constantly swearing, bad thoughts will constantly plague him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Shevuos 5)

Teshuva Draws Down the Light of Moshiach
Through the keeping of the Shabbos a person draws upon himself the light of Moshiach, this also happens through doing repentance.
(Sefer Hamidos, Shabbos 4)

Being Holy Eliminates Sleep Time
The more holy a person is the more he is distanced from sleep.
(Sefer Hamidos, Shanah B 1)

Excessive Sleep Causes Distance From Holiness
Through excessive sleep a person is pushed away from the Chariot of Holiness, his facial appearance becomes altered and he looses his G-dly image.
(Sefer Hamidos, Shanah B 2)

Tanis Helps for Everything
Fasting helps for everything.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 1)

Emptiness of Good Deeds Prevents Bringing Others to Teshuva
A person that is empty from good deeds can not separate others from their wickedness.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 2)

Fasting is Hard
Fasting is harder then (sword/devastation??)
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 3)

Teshuvas Hamishkol is Preferred
It is appropriate that repentance should be done with the same exact thing that was used to sin.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 4)

Imagining Guaranteed Accomplishments Prevents Them from Happening
When a person thinks "I will do this and this and this and this I will manage to accomplish", through this his thoughts do not come into actualization.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 5)

Gullus Atones Everything
Exile is an atonement for anything.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 6)

Humility is Equivalent to Kurbanos
A person that has a humble mind it is as if he sacrificed all the sacrifices.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 6)

Confession Gives Share in Olam Haba
Any person that confesses has a share in the World to Come.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 8)

Do Not Say You Will Sin
A person should guard his mouth from saying "I will commit this sin", even if he says it jokingly, since his words will force him to do that action.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 11)

Good to Cry During Nighttime
When a person cries during the night, his voice is heard and the stars and constellations cry with him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 12)

Malkes Nullifies Kares
People that are guilty of spiritual excommunication, once they receive lashes they are acquitted from the excommunication.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 13)

Blame World Suffering on Your Sins
When suffering comes to the world, a person should think that this suffering came about due to his sins.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 14)

Making Clothes for the Tzadik Atones Sins
The clothing that is made for the Tzadik, each piece of clothing has a separate auspicious power to bring forgiveness.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 15)

Marriage Helps Teshuva
Once a person marries a woman, his sins (bubble/become loosened ???).
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 16)

Think in Repentance When Suffering Comes to a Goy
When a person sees or hears that suffering came to a Gentile, he should think thoughts of repentance.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 17)

Living in Eretz Yisroel Helps Teshuva
A person that lives in Eretz Yisroel, lives without sin.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 18)

Be Lenient When Issuing Teshuva to Sinners
One should be lenient when issuing methods of repentance to sinners.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 19)

Sin Weakens A Person's Strength
The sin weakens the strength of a person.
(Sefer Hamidos, Teshuva 20)

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