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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meforsumim - can it get any worse?

B"H this Simchas Torah I celebrated mostly by the holy tomb of Shimon Hatzadik, and maybe partly in my merit the whole congregation sang Nanach and the Petek - in the mincha hakafos and the first night. The day hakafos however were very very disappointing and I satisfied myself with almost a very bare minimum of circling around the Torah - I was conscious that two mefursamim had joined us for these hakafos, but there was nothing I could do - except in a different room I danced a little more. After the hakafos of the day the congregation split into two groups, and I saw that each mefursam lay their hands on a group and I couldn't decide on the lesser evil, so I picked the smaller group and I was privy to see something I never saw or imagined - everyone in the group got called up to the Torah, and they asked the mefursam if he wants the aliyah which finishes the Torah or the one the begins the Torah - each very very special, so the mefursam says - "baider" - both! And he proceeds to take both aliyas!!! This was so disgusting and revolting to me that I was not able to continue praying with them, and after hearing the Torah reading I completed the prayers on my own.


Anonymous said...

how to judge it favorably? perhaps an example of such lust for the torah is something these people needed to see. Perhaps this kahal gets brachot from their rebbe's battery- which needed insane charging to nullify many dinim.

perhaps the whole thing was orchestrated so that you would watch and make another kitrug.

-this nanach bought hatan bereshith in LA.

Anonymous said...

for the charge.

Anonymous said...

theres a time and a place for everything under heaven. do u really think any jew can get an aliya without divine approval?

How do you even know if the sefer torah is kashur?

stop seeing meforsamim, see souls!

if YOU don't draw out (with the quantum power of observation) the good in them, who will? Who else will create for them the pinhole to allow D' in, if not you?

Anonymous said...

If anything is to be learned from the four who descended, it's that each of them (us) is uniquely responsible for ALL of the tiikun, and we should not be divided- ONE am, one Adam.

If we don't all support the context of perfume, then where will it dwell? Matay Timloych b'tziyoyn? IT IS NOT FOREVER BEYOND YOUR REACH! B'karov B'yomeinu Tishkon - if you hadn't davened alone, you may have been able to build up the ratzon just enough to have a different-positive reception of those events! Ach somayach! Ein avodas D' Bli SIMCHA! Where are you?

Let go and trust D' to ghide you through the fire, our entire passage through time and space is but a narrow (specific hashgacha bridge-chain in asiya d'maasim). Emunah =[ daat = awareness ]= ze kol Huadom= Hakol Tolui uL Rhutzohyn. But not yirat D'!- of which the pachad side is for nashim & ketanim.

Blessed are you who is capable of facilitating worldwide limud.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman m'U, man!
You, man, be a facilitator of N'chama- Shalo-m. Its everyone's real Job in life! Spread Nanach Nanach ach sameach!

NaaNaach said...

HH today I asked how it happened, they told me that the guy is such a nebach -he has no children family followers... so they go along with him.. .