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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just for your to know...

HH sometimes HY lets a person know what isn't good for him. E.g. let's say there's a poor person who need new shoes, and he's screaming and praying to H"Y for new shoes. Then he chances upon a place where lo and behold someone is giving out hundreds of pairs of shoes for free. This poor person sees this taking place, and for some reason or another he is not given a single pair. This is such an obvious message from G-d to him, "I've heard your prayers, it is very much in My ability to give you many new pairs of shoes, but I know that this is not good for you...".

In a similar way, when a really good friend kind of betrays you is some way, and even though in this issue you diverge from your friend, in general your friendship is strong enough to weather that chance betrayal and divergence, it's like HY is saying, "Please bare with me as I redirect you in a more proper course...".

Taking this to today, here and now - the Political Party of Na Nach  to which I had invested considerably, my time, money, energy, attention, etc., was hijacked by some of my friends, may H"Y protect and bless them, and so I have now more or less dropped this project, B"H.


nanach oi! said...

B"H. I wasn't so into the whole thing anyway. Na Nach in politics makes me feel very uncomfortable. ( I've always felt like politics are sheker, while Na Nach is pure emes, so I don't see how the 2 can go together.).

Anonymous said...


I've always known where your place is and where you should be.I'm happy for you...let's take another step forward to something even better which is solely the ways of Kodesh Boruch.NNNNM!!!