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Friday, September 21, 2012

Yissachar and Zevulun Deal?

Then new Uman committee Bais tzion Rabbanue (do not know all the politics but it appears to me they just change their name every other year but are headed by the same rabbis), published maps of the Tzion and and all the new surrounding rooms, sections, additions and appendixes. They named each section after one of the 12 tribes.

It was very interesting to see that the their main room that was set aside for Torah study (Lilmod Vlasos bais medrash) was called Hiychal Yissachar and the section of the Nanachs (Anshi Rebbe Yisroel Ber Odesser was called Hiychal Zevulun. It appears that they have come to some notion that the Na Nachs are the ones that go out and do all the Hafatza work for Breslov while all the other groups in Breslov sit and learn.

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