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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Last Journey of Dr. Gevald's Nanach Mobile

On Monday September 2, 2012, I set out from the Swan Lake towards Montreal, at exit 30 of the Thruway, I turned off to get gas, because the car was completely empty. There was no gas there, and some guy told me that the nearest gas was exit 31 - 13 miles away. So without a choice I booked over to exit 31 and I arrived at the pump with the last spurt of gas, so I thought I made it - I put in some gas, and resumed the journey, but I didn't make it very far before the transmission wiped out, just as a shoulder appeared on the side of the road. There was a house in the distance, but I was separated by a fenced hill and the Booulet River. So first I hike off in a different direction and I find a camp site with the burial site of "Zack the best dog in the world". Eventually I headed over to the house, which was not inhabited, but there were some people in trailers behind the house. - The cell phone I have didn't have "minutes" and I tried to add minutes but was unable - the whole night I wasn't able - another bad experience with AT&T. As I approached the house I saw a police car pull up to my car - but I was to far to do anything about it, I tried 911 and got cut off. So this older couple in a trailer let me use their phone, but I couldn't call Canada, and everyone I was calling wasn't answering, finally I got ahold of my cousin MW who tried to help but there wasn't much he could do. Meanwhile I also got through to the police and I told them where I was, they told me to return to the car, after making some plans for what would happen, I headed back to the car, about half way there the police drove off, later the officer complained to me that he wasted a half hour waiting there for me. Another officer told me that he saw me praying there - that must have been Mincha which I did as soon as I was stuck on the shoulder. Back in the Nanach mobile I tried playing around with some prayers, and the car actually moved a few feet, but that was it - today the tow truck guy told me that he examined the transmission and it is completely wiped out, he also thinks that the gas wasn't the whole problem, because there were other tragedies going on as evidenced by leakages of oil. Eventually a policeman came and told me that I should never have left the car, especially since it was very dangerous because there are bears and what not out there, obviously he didn't know about G-d or for That matter - Na Nach. The tow truck guy came and I gave him the car in return for the tow - he left me off at the Essex County Correctional Facility right off of exit 32. Cleaning out the Nanach mobile was a lengthy ordeal, and I also salvaged the stereo. The police were not happy with my being there and told me that they wouldn't give me very much time, they didn't want me using their phone so they directed me to a nearby diner - which was closed, and the adjacent gas station didn't have a phone. There was a guy who pulled up for gas - Li'im, he was very nice and he let me use his phone, and I told him about Nanach. Li'im plays the cello. On the phone I got through to Avi in Montreal, but he couldn't get a car. He got busy calling people, but didn't succeed. Then a Jew from Williamsburg driving a van with his whole family pulls up, he's looking for the house of a Rabbi Lifer - it's supposed to be nearby - but he can't find it. So Liim and I keep at it, and then another Jew from Williamsburg or Monroe pulls up - he's a regular at this gas station, he also heard of Lifer but didn't know his whereabouts. Then a lady cop pulls up, and I tell her you probably came for me - that's what I figured because all my stuff was sitting by their station and I had been gone for some time. She said that she had come to show someone where the gas station was, and she asked me if she could help me in any way. So, nothing to lose, I asked her if she knew where Rabbi Lifer's house was. She said sure - there's only one house here and there's a rabbi there - and it's right there.... Liim is really getting a taste of Nanach now! Then the gas station attendant came out to tell us that he's closing soon at 11:00, and he hears what's going on - and he apologizes to me, saying that he didn't know that I was looking for the rabbi - the house is right there, its open 24 hours a day, with coffee and tea, he's excited about this, as are we all - 2 Chasidishe families in their vans, the Korean (?) gas station attendant and Liim... So Liim has to get going, and B"H he'll be following up on Nanach, and the Chasideshe's drive over to the house - where a third family appeared (I don't remember when they made their appearance, it is possible that they had also been with us the gas station), and I got all my bags from the penitentiary (amazing how earlier I had this discussion with someone about things that cause a person to be incarcerated C"V, as posted recently in - and how even in today's time this happens to Nanachs - straight up!) and head over to the Hachnasas Orchim, where I am entertaining the families till about 12:30. The house has a phone and (maybe this is a secret so I won't write it.....). That's the wraps on the first part of the story, B"H there will be a very happy Nanach ending which of course will be a beginning.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!


Anonymous said...

Just plain amazing.

Anonymous said...

When do we get to hear more of this story?

NaaNaach said...

HH. the epilogue is that the guy helped me find a ride to Montreal (paying the fare - 2 people actually drove right past) and has since been in contact with me and has given me more more money B"H.