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Friday, September 21, 2012

Overpriced for Rabbanue

We all know how the tickets from Eretz Yisroel to Uman jump from around $300 to $1000+ each year around Rosh Hashana time. Additionally the rent and accommodations in Uman also become over priced. This is a cause of anger and frustration for many people.

.... the Romans decreed that no one was to teach Torah. Rabbi Akiva blatantly ignored the decree and openly taught Torah to the masses. He was approached by Pupes ben Yehuda who questioned his actions. Rabbi Akiva replied that the Jews could not survive without Torah. Not long after, Rabbi Akiva was arrested by the Romans and sentenced to death. In jail he met Pupes ben Yehuda who had also been arrested for trivial secular things. Pupes ben Yehuda turned to Rabbi Akiva and said "fortunate are you that you have been arrested for the sake of the Torah".

There are many people each year that are ripped off trying to take vacations or seeking entertainment as tourists. Fortunate are we that we were overpriced for the sake of Rabbanue and not for empty trivial pursuits.

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