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Friday, September 21, 2012

Nanach Hafatza in Uman

This year there was more Nanach Hafatza in Uman then I ever remember seeing. There were many peteks all over, Sharon and the chavarim plastered many different types of Sabba stickers in many different places.

One person came over to me to praise these Saba stickers and the teachings on them, saying this was the first time he was actually exposed to Sabba's teachings.

There were also little white stickers all over the place with quotes from Rabbanue and Sabba which contradict the actions of the MFSS.

Right before the start of Rosh Hashana two Nanachs climbed on the roof of the Tzion and rolled down a huge banner of Saba saying 'Ayin Gedolim ayin Ketanim Kulanu Chavarim" - There are no big there are no small, we are all friends. This was tied down right in front of the Tzion in front of the new chandelier, were everyone could see it. It lasted half way into the first night when the followers of the MFSS sent their messengers to cut it down. There were also many smaller sticker version of this sign all over. There were two other banners like this outside in the square near the Keren corner that stayed up the entire Chag.

There was also a huge banner of the Petek on the side of the wall near the main entrance of the Tzion that stayed up most of the Chag, if not all of it.

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nanach oi! said...

There were also long string banners with pcitures of the petek hanging from them that were hung up all around the tzion. The ones in the Tzion lasted I think at least the first night of Rosh Hashana, the ones that were by the Na Nach minyan (on the side of the Tzion) stayed up all Rosh Hashana!