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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rabbi Nachman is Rachel's second son

Did you think the brothers appearing before Josef in order of youngest to oldest was just an emotional event? W R O N G -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As we know SABA said "no big ones, no small ones, we are all friends". Saba was NOT A COMMUNIST so why did he say this? In the world of Capital, you are what you are worth? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was a bird that could please the King and in this way save the world from starvation (stories of Rabbi Nachman). I bring this because as Capitalism and Communism are tracing lines in the sand AGAIN a bit of truth could avoid alot of savagery. The issue after all, as usual, is who gets the dough during hard times. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO WAS IT A GOOD THING THAT THE BROTHERS APPEARED IN ORDER OR WASN'T IT? My friends, it was p r o o f that the brothers had NOT DONE TCHOUVA (not repented) over what they had done to their brother. In fact, it gets worse....when they left Egypt, NOT ONE SINGLE JEWISH MAN was ready to help Moses pull the bones up out of the Nile river. AND they LIED to Moses by saying they were to busy looking for Egyptian gold when IN FACT they were burying the 80% which were too far gone for G-d AND MOSES to be able to save. Josef was all the gold of Egypt so their answer made no sense anywayse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALL THIS BEING SAID, G-D CHOSE US In Hebrew when a person goes to the bathroom they say "big or small?". The bathroom is fitting to compare to the EXILE or to Egypt. You shall not have small and large weights and mesures. Being "in the toilet" allows AMALEK to thrive, it is his place! Before the King of Kings and the throne of glory, on the other hands the difference between us mortals is minimal, if it exists at all. The brothers appearing befopre Josef should have been on one level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rachel is buried apart from the others, that's because she is a class apart- she is the mother of Josef, she is the mother of prayer, because she was NOT JEALOUS of her sister. Flower in Hebrew is Peh-rach (mouth soft)- Pharo is more like (evil mouth)- so you know she let her husband sleep with her sister for the "prayer" of the oldest son to his mother(she valued this). Not only does Rachel correct Laban's heart (of stone) which she steals (lev-even), but it costs her her life and she categorically rejects Benjamin since the second son, the one she prayed for MUST BY DEFINITION BE GREATER then Josef! So not only does Rachel PRAY but she CRIES (which is associated to her sister). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE SON OF RACHEL WHICH SHE IS STILL WAITING FOR IS RABBI NACHMAN! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Rabbi Nachman is brought to Rachel, the hearts of stone will melt and Gentiles and Jews alike will serve G-d in perfect harmony. No reason why this can't happen before the nuclear deadline.

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