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Friday, September 14, 2012

BH post 5774 (this New Year is 5773)

BH there's been some crazy mad Nanach accomplishments this year. B"H our Isreali Nanach friends have printed many different books and booklets amounting to aproximately 300,000, including our newly translated - the most authentic and correct ever - Story Tales - tales of ancient times, from Rabbainu. B"H in the coming year we will be working on shipping these to America, as many as possible, we already sent a few boxes and have a few enroute, but B"H we're going to get this going on a much larger scale.

Also under consideration for a mass blitzkreig hafatza is a Nanach version of the new booklet "Holy Nation" on shmirat habris.

Recently we printed the book קנאת ה' צב-אות, 5,000, about 3,000 went like hotcakes in Meah Shearim, and the rest went very fast. Also a new booklet of "Viduy Devorim" (confession) - 10,000 printed, Derech Tzadikim travels gave out 5,000, and the others went very fast.

A new little booklet of "Simcha" - Joy, 20,000 copies.

The Hebrew Story Tales with additional stories and parables - 32,000 published and distributed.

these are just a few samples of many "little" projects that our friends have been producing and distributing.

Recently part of the Story Tales has been translated into Japanese, Italian, and Arabic, the latter was sent to a Jordanian princess who just married a Jew from England (that's the way I recall it).

Unfortunately the New Nanach Party to have Nanach representation in the Knesset is still deficient of about $13,000 for registration.

Another newsworthy point of interest is that the Keren was redeemed by a guy named something like Facture, who paid off their debts and invested a few hundred thousand dollars to get them back in business, so B"H now in additional to our own super cheap/free publications, and the publications of Nekuda Tova, the Keren is  there to back us up.

Here in Uman we are witnessing new heights of Nanach celebration and ecstasy B"H.

Wishing everyone a blessed New Years of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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IlaN-ach said...

The cure (sifrei rabbeinu) comes before the machala. I'Y through learning Rabbeinu, the machala will be averted.