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Monday, August 6, 2012

Why so many people leave Judaism - upon the recommendation of the rabbis

BH this morning I was listening to the new album of our new Nanach friend Mendy Werzberger which is available for free at the music site. Every time I got to the 7th song - Master of the World! - which parallels the holy Shabos and the seventh line of the Petek - the holy son and song -  Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - I was dancing like mad mamash. In order not to disturb the people in the synagogue G-d forbid, I went to a semi secluded corner to carry on my festivities - jumping and dancing B"H. So B"H this transpired quite a few times and I was already getting charley horsed, and there it is again - Master of the World - so even though I was already experiencing the wear and tear - I got up and went to the corner to celebrate my creator. As I'm overcome with ecstacy and dance I feel a hand on my shoulder - the rabbi! He tells me that I can not do this here, I say, but this is the celebration of the Torah (even the coldest litvak must agree that one dances to celebrate the Torah), no no the Rabbi says, not here, if you want to do that go outside, but I say.... so he says, do it in your car (the Nanach mobile is quite prominent here - wonder of wonders the rabbi allows it in the parking lot).


IlaN-ach said...
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IlaN-ach said...

they get the azus to even utter a word to you from the torah they learn, and vai lanu. they keep the shechina out. they seek to enforce their box, displacing the light of the more ethereal truth. Beria personalities thinking they are atzilut mammish just because they read about such things, so they assume "I read it-it must apply to me, so I must assume authority." Why the anger is withheld is a temendous credit to Hashem's gadlus, middas Erech Apayim, long suffering.

They organize hashem, instead of letting hashem organize them. And this is daas torah?

Hatzileini Mipoalei Oven, Umei Anshei Damim Hoshieini

And then people leave because

This is MAMSH the acceptance of the sacrifice of acheirim in the holy of holies, as prophesied- which we are forewarned to NOT reply to with "oh see? our G_d has abandoned us." (in not so direct terms, but this is mashmaut)

People leave because the klipa-box pretends to be atzilut, and then when they hit the spiritual limits of the fake box, (the limits are dictated by the rabbi-by what the Rabbi in his limited knowledge, experience, and arrogance, will acknowledge as emes), and they have high souls which have experienced much more, rov chayyav to have tought them the ring of truth, they KNOW that this box isn't the last step between them and Hashem.

Every rav needs to allow ROOM FOR HASHEM above their daas, ohr makif, mohin keter, or they have no right to act as a rabbi outside of their limited departments. in Avos 3:17, one whose actions exceed his wisdom is praised. This Ish Damim needs to recognize the presence of higher wisdom, and let the highest wisdom act - or he makes no room for Hashem, and mistakes his own wisdom as his G_d, as a poal oven - making G_d in the image he desires. In truth he is acting in a way in which his learning exceeds his actions, for his actions are in actuality miniscule, and his erroneous learning, although likely vast, is too clouded by his arrogance, for in his heart of hearts, he knows that unless ruach hakodesh is guiding his every twitch as a rav, it is azus which animates him.

IlaN-ach said...

It is a wonder he allows it in the parking lot...

a Shul is like a beit haMikdash..

Even the parking lot of a shul is Kodesh, it is something.

NaaNaach said...


BH profound words.