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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Self-sacrifice of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner

Conversations from the Life of the Saba, pg. 132:

And I saw Rabbi Yisroel [Karduner]. I saw what is the power of Rabbainu, what he can make from a flesh and blood [person], from a human being, who was born, born of woman, and he is a human being like every human being, like everyone, and he was another matter. He was in this world but he was not from this world, he was from the World to Come, he was, yes. I saw what is Breslov and also he, he had self-sacrifice for many souls of Israel that he brought close to Hashem, may He be blessed, and he, with real self-sacrifice he had..One time, he was in prison, yes, and he suffered such afflictions! And for me personally he would suffer such afflictions. If they would give someone all the money in the world and all the honor in the world, he would throw it away, I do not want honor, do not want money, I don't want afflictions like these, yes, what he suffered for me. For what did he suffer? He thought that perhaps he will succeed in instilling in me some light, some little bit of light through which I would be able to draw close to Hashem yisborach, to recognize Hashem yisborach and to be involved in serving Hashem, perhaps he will succeed? For this he gave all of his soul, everything, that we don't see a thing like this in the world from any tzaddik, from any human being, this is only Rabbainu, with Rabbainu. He came to Tiberius, he found Yisroel Ber in Tiberius, he left his family, Tzfat and Meron, he left everything, Yisroel Ber, he found Yisroel Ber. He slept in the synagogue, he was cold, he had [pains], but he slept on a bench and what did he eat? Bread with tea. Bread with water, yes, and he was all winter in the synagogue on the bench, yes, and he didn't know that he had a family, he has no family, he doesn't have - not a wife and no children and no livelihood and not anything, only he found in Tiberius Yisroel Ber. Who has seen something like this, besides a wonder like this where do we see self-sacrifice like this, for a child not his own, for some child perhaps he can shine into him some light that he will fulfill the Torah, that he will draw close to Hashem yisborach, perhaps? So, he gave his whole soul, he gave the children and everything. There was no Tzfat and no Meron and no anything, only one thing he had - "Yisroel Ber" -  who has heard anything like this? Where is there something like this in the world? There wasn't, only by Rabbainu hakadosh, yes. And he was very impressed, he saw that I was a small person that I was nothing, but he saw that the strength that I have, the strength that I have, that I am standing against such forces, with such afflictions, and I am strong and happy, then he saw that this is good, this is something good. So in Tiberius there were two meshugoyim - Rabbi Yisroel and Yisroel Ber, there were two, and we danced on Shabbos night with such dancing, with such simcha until..they were all opposers, until all of them, and they fell, "What is this? From where do they receive such simcha? From where do they receive such a Shabbos?" Yes. (What was to eat?) Baruch Hashem there were pieces of dry bread!

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