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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The New Nanach Shteibel of Boro Park

BH yesterday morning (or maybe two days ago) this Nanach was speaking with him Maker, and excusing himself for refusing to visit the "breslov" shtiebel on 16 and 56th, explaining that due to Y.C. costly damage and physical attacks on this Nanach in his previous visit, there was no appeal to visiting the place.

Hours later, when the above conversation was completely not on his mind, this Nanach hooks up with the Heilege Lipa (Halberstam) Nanach of Sanz, who bequeaths his shteibel to Nanach!!!!

The Shteibel is located at 4120 14th street right near the free dining room of Hamasbeya. The shteibel is kind of run down and all Nanach are encouraged to come by and help fix the place up, and hang out with good people B"H.

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