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Friday, August 24, 2012

Nanach performance at a Lakewood wedding

B"H just was invited to a wedding in Lakewood where I sang for all the guests - Rabbainu Ze HuAba (Rabbi Nachman is Father) Rabbainu Ze HuEma (is mother) Rabbainu Ze Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman! B"H it was amazing (right when I was wrapping it up I was about through anyway....).

Lakewood has very much to do with the Nile - YaOr because YaOr can mean "lake" and it could mean "woods" (depending on whether it is spelled with an aleph or eyen, and we find that the Ramchal plays with interchanging the spelling). So B"H according to LKM Torah VaYihi MiKaitz, this is very well understood - even why Lakewood is like the Nile not just Egypt. That is old Torah - maybe even posted years ago on What's interesting is that I just saw that there's a town right near Lakewood called New Egypt!!!!

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