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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nanach in the 5 towns

BH today saw some major hafatza in the White Shul where I gave out about 20 discs - each disc has about 11.4 hours of me screaming/singing Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. Many of the recipients were warned outright that listening to this would brainwash them, and they willingly accepted B"H.

In the shul I met someone who was just coming back from Uman, and there was also someone who showed me a picture of himself with Saba - this fellow was with Saba on more than one occasion and B"H he's now connected with us.

Tonight B"H there's a wedding in Lakewood, the groom invited me to sing at the wedding, so B"H I'm planning on taking him up on it.

Yesterday B"H the Nanach Mobile got about another baker's dozen of Nanach sticker fried on.

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